Super Degreaser VS Super Clean On Car Leather Seats

In this video I demonstrate the cleaning ability of Meguiars Super Degreaser and Super Clean Degreaser on some dirty car leather seats. With leather seats this dirty, it requires some sort of degreaser simply because an all purpose cleaner would not even touch leather seats this trashed. I am a huge fan of both meguiars super degreaser, and super clean degreaser, though I definitely lean more towards super clean simply because it has, in my opinion, a superior cleaning ability, and you just cannot beat the price! Follow along as I show you guys the difference between super degreaser and super clean in this dirty leather seat cleaning face off!

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mujjuman says:

wow i never knew super degreaser can be used on leather seats!!! what else can you use it on and what else can you use it for? wow man… great video and nice job

Adante Paige says:

Would it be ok to wipe scented oil on seats after cleaning

Shottz says:

why is ur meg sd clear?

Fucknuts says:

@2:29 Did he just spit a tooth?!?!

lindafamiliachica2 says:

Have a question super clean is safe for powder coating wheels

ProngedVermin0 Alex says:

Whats your method for cleaning carpets

Butter White says:

Degreasers can ruin leather not just anyone should use them on leather

Simply Tuned says:

“It’s not a product problem, it’s a you problem.”
So true xD I get annoyed when people say bug sponges are bad, or that scotch pads are bad, or that sanding my car with 2000 grit sand paper is bad. I will use that for now on.

Butter White says:

dont use super degreaser on leather it can damage the leather in the hands of someone who is not a professional detailer iv seen leather ruined cause people are missed informed

Mark H says:

Also, Super Clean is not as pungent as Meguiars Super Degreaser

Zach Artman says:

Can you do a test using the Chemical Guys leather cleaner and conditioner kit with their horsehair brush?

Mark H says:

Luke, Have you ever tried any Auto Magic Car Detail products?

bubski16 says:

I steam cleaned my seats in my car and some of them feel like as if they have been sanded and are really Gritty. There’s a perforated section on them and its like hairs are sticking up thru them. Has. Anyone ever had that happen?

Frank Ayala says:

Use LA’s totally awesome the black bottle. This product is only $1 and works amazing.

Dreaklock says:

What about using Purple Power on these seats?

Shawn Peters says:

Damn. Those seats are filthy!! Great job Luke! I like to spray the seat, then steam away.. Works pretty quick and then I come in with another towel to make to perfection.

Steve Greer says:

Great Video Luke. I have used Spray Nine for years a a general purpose cleaner and degreaser. Since I am always maintaining my vehicles, I rarely need anything aggressive. I believe Spray Nine is the pioneer to develop the first general purpose spray cleaner. Not only does it clean very well, it disinfects killing nasty germs and will neutralize odors. You should check it out sometime.

YoSoNeedIt says:

Super Clean is amazing! They won in my opinion! Perfect for at home too.

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