Super Tech Engine Degreaser – Having Fun With A Client & Walmart Product



ken falasca says:

have you ever tried removing junkyard chalk/paint marker/crayon or whatever the junk yard decided to use to mark their parts off of engines? what has been most successful?

Bryce Ausen says:

Maybe you can point me in the right direction, which degreaser would you recommend? I have lots of oil and finger marks in my engine bay (had to replace my head so it got quite dirty under there) but I’m a bit skeptical! Any input is appreciated!

Mark's Reviews and RANTS says:

I use Super tech wiper blades and they work good for me and don’t cost a lot.

Tyson Currie says:

Scott turned me on to Super Clean, I use Super Clean on everything, it works wonders, thank you Scott.

chris troiano says:

your last name cause when you send an email to someone it comes up as scott bley you can change it just click on your email address in setting and delete your last name

Toxictaxi , says:

Love this video
Real life.
Real world.

1stGiant says:

I’m really surprised this dude doesn’t to engine prep.

67blackdragon says:

Hi Scott, getting into the detailing business. I have a question, after washing a car do i need to apply iron-x to the paint? Or should i just clay it? Thanks, Eric

Shawn Peters says:

Scott can I give you a tip?? Try standing on the left of the car, and on the right of the car. By the fenders/tires. Often times from those angles I see lots of dirt I didn’t get standing in front of the engine. Take care!!!

onr detailing news says:

Good job scott i see people trying to bash you in the comments i see why garry dean took his comments away now tfs buddy

Mutasim Albulushi says:

work more than u talk

Andrei M says:

Use Quick ‘n Brite…

bullzeye DIY says:

Just used la’s totally awesome on some wheels and it broke down alot of the dirt and grime instantly. It worked way better than this stuff and it was cheaper

JoeyPete says:

Very helpful Scott! You saved me $2! haha. I’ll stick with Super Clean 🙂

Go Trixie Go says:

People know your last name because someones you don’t use your DPCAD account to respond to questions, you use your Scott Blye account 🙂

Calendyr says:

You are too generous with your rating. To me that is a D, it did really poorly and the fact it is inexpensive doesn’t change anything. It either works or it doesn’t and in this case it really failed. You cleaned some of the areas twice and it still remained very dirty. I guess you get what you pay for, but selling a product dedicated to clean engines that actually can’t do the work is very bad.

JT Lovaglio says:

Scott, do you have an email address, so I can send you a email, with pictures attached?

Dewy Russ says:

Scott-Could you do a review of the Berryman B-33 engine degreaser? It is more expensive but has worked great for me. I bought it once at the store and liked it so now I just keep my eye on Amazon and buy it there when it gets offered for a low price. Thanks for all the detailing tips!

Shawn Peters says:

Wish we could have seen it after the super clean!!

Rolando Tristan says:

Do you use meguires final inspection spray and what do you think about it.

Byron B. says:

Two words… Super Clean. 🙂

1221Ralph says:

How much time are you getting out of a fully charged worx battery? I seem to only get about 10 minutes in the high pressure setting. If I remember correctly you stated about 30 minutes of continuous use but for me that is not the case.

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