Totally awesome cleaner

Using totally awesome cleaner. cleaning seats with totally awesome, this is my honest review, I am in no way sponsored or being payed by this product. I sprayed on the product on my seat and use a scrubber to remove the stains, all dirty material was removed with a shop vac. These are the final results of totally awesome review.


Buck Lee says:

dayum 20 minutes!! fu $k that.

Sew Crazy says:

The McCullough steam cleaner is all you’ll ever need for cleaning anything in home or auto using no chemicals. All the auto detailers use it. I have one of course. Will vaporize grime like magic.

Regina Dawson says:

what can you use to clean pee out of your car seats

u tuber says:

this cleaner sucks dont waste your money on it!!!!!

mr chicken 48204 beechwood ways says:

he trying to die its stronger than bleach they remade it

Terry Lunsford says:

Well done my man, keep up the good work.

Beto Alvarez says:

We’re can u buy this Chemical spray ?


your bottle was full now it is empty, that seems like a lot to use, but it cost only a buck so what the heck.

Subramanian P says:

where it’s available in dubai??

Tre Davidson says:

Quit scrubbing like a bitch

Keith Newton says:

it’s a degreaser product you would be better using soap and water block of fairy green house hold soap would have done a better job

rennemarie says:

It’s best to leave it there for some time so it can do its job then clean it 🙂

Dave Scheer says:

I use this all the time to get out leaf stains off my white paint on my cars ,and if they don’t come out I use Awesome bathroom cleaner,it takes off rust stains to,great product, and it’s only a buck !

Linda Dillon says:

As dirty your seat was, I think it did a superb job. If it were me, I would let it dry completely then go over stains that were left and blot it out, rinse with water and blot it out immediately. I have used this on horrible coffee stains on my carpet, using this procedure, after 3 times, every single stain was removed. This is the best cleaner I’ve ever used, even after paying $59.00 for a commercial coffee stain remover. I clean everything in my house with it. It works perfect spraying on your shower walls, all the dirt and grime starts running down walls. All I do is rinse it with clean no. No scrubbing necessary.

Didyousaychevytruck says:

I used this 2 clean everything from my house 2 engines I’m about 2 tear down for rebuild

NinjaKingPro says:

totally awesome aka paint thinner

ima piledriver says:

warning will streak some painted surfaces. dilute if needed.

The King of Shine says:

Try Simple Green APC :0)

tenorized says:

“How long did it take you to clean that seat?”

“Couple of days.”

Keboneng Inah Letshabo says:


Hash Slinger says:

*puts the bottle over the stain because it’s still there*

Dean Zelles says:

Try Mean Green.

Moyea Williams says:

works well i tried it

A Marmot says:

It really is an excellent cleaner.

Judy McConnell says:

I wanted to comment because I use this product all the time. When you spray this on your seats or on carpet and work it in, while it is still damp lay a white towel over the damp area and lightly press down so that the town starts to absorb the stains. It will shock you with what it pulls out. It is good to use a mop with a microfiber rag on the end of it or you can steam cleaner such as the shark. You will be amazed at what comes out of your carpet. It may make you never want to have carpeting in your home again. I swear by this product and I use this product nearly every day for something or another. I don’t know of another product that even comes close for$1.00 .

Youssef Lahbil says:

It sold in 99c stores

Yediael Rivera says:

you need water

TomfromErie j says:

Heck, you damn near used a whole quart! Buy at dollar tree for a buck a bottle. 1.00

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