Ultimate lawn equipment cleaner- Zep Industrial purple cleaner Vs Purple Power

Today we are going to put to the test the ultimate lawn equipment cleaners. We’re going to test the Zep Industrial Purple Cleaner and degreaser vs Purple Power cleaner. We’re going to spray our Exmark Vantage 48″ our Exmark Vantage 36″ our Exmark 21″ and our STIHL handheld equipment to see if we can clean them without scrubbing or without the use of a pressure washer.

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Kaffias Johnson says:

Hi there Johnny I would like to know how you clean underneath the deck.

Rebel bro 1999 says:

I’ve used purple power on a really greasy truck bed and it was amazing but be sure to wear gloves when making contact because it burns like hell if it makes contact with bare skin

Ace of Blades Mowing, LLC says:

Another great vlog man!

Jeffrey Rodriguez says:

Dollar store degreaser works better I’ll make a vid

JP MD Landscaping says:

oh not !!!!!!!! I told you…. we use just dish soap and regular hose

Carlus Cyriaque says:

I ñove to keep my equipment clean seems to work better an tbe customers respect the lawn service more

Robert w Sieburg says:

Why not just pressure wash it. You can do the soaping with the siphon pick up and then blast it clean.

kwslhs says:

Have you tried Zep Fast 505?

Leo's Landscape says:

oh snap I’m not using zep.. I’m using purple power and simple green

Phillip Hudnall says:

There’s a product called “L.A.’S Totally Awesome” they sell it a Dollar General and it works very well for me and it’s dirt cheap…. JS

arcarod1 says:

Purple Power is a great product. However, just like ZEP, you should not use it on painted surfaces. Keep in mind that paint is made using oil and these two products dissolve oil. We do have a new product coming to market soon that will be called Extreme Purple. This product will be safer then Purple Power and work more efficiently. If you have questions, feel free to call Aiken Chemicals Company and or email me. ask for the chemist. I will be happy to answer your questions or give you tips. Donnie@clean-rite.com

YourWay LawnCare says:

I use Zep mixed at about 50:50 in a spray bottle. Never had a paint issue before but I get a great clean.

martianshoes says:

I coat my equipment while new with Turtle brand ZipWax…it can be mixed in a bucket and just swabs on like any car wash grade detergent.
Goes a long way towards making my machines just blow-off cleanable.
I use an “Armour All” grade of protectant on all rubber, vinyl and plastic parts before applying Zip Wax.
Has worked great for me for years.
Try using protectant on all new extension cords and air hoses. They will last longer and tangle less.
I also put automotive paste wax on kid’s steel swing sets and other outdoor items.
Prevents mildew, preserves color and repels bird droppings to a big extent.
….just sayin….

Bobby says:

I like orange blast degreaser

Robert w Sieburg says:

Pressure wash.

D Lastname says:

You need to mix it to work properly

brandon burns says:

Hey what’s ur honest opinion of the performance of the exmark push mower vs price

Gary Bass says:

Put the degreaser in a 2 gallon sprayer. Much easier

Isaiah's Lawn Care says:

Great video! Come check out my new channel

brandon kisala says:

I personally like all the cleaning stuff: zep, greased lightening purple power, simple green (I like how that one smells)…and kaboom..

D. Gentry says:

Simple green is something we use at the factory work great but dilute it because it has taken the paint off the floor when cleaning up oil spills and grease spots at the factory

Easy Go Lawn Care says:

You mean power coat right?

1EVILZ06 says:

It’s a product called Elephant wash. Check it out.

luke gresock says:

Purple power sale for 22 bucks 5 gallon bucket at advance auto if you set up an account for your business

Beach River Landscapes says:

always presoak the mowers, purple cleaner for about two minutes and yes I use a soft brush…but my hustler look new 1 half years later

Glenn T. says:

I’ve used Zep before but I have never used Purple Power and the results look pretty much to the same by the spay and hose test, but in the long run you have to go with the one that’s will save you that $2.00 being cheaper to save on over head Business wise right. “SO why dish out 12 bucks for some thing that will do the same job at 10 bucks”….. It’s just a matter common sense right so just looking at it in the long run 2 bucks does not seem like a lot these days, but in time you put that 2 bucks in a separate jar & it will add up to pay for an extra gallon of the cheaper stuff or keep adding to that jar and see what you come out with in a years time or longer as far as business is concerned that’s money in your pocket and not spent on over head !!!!

Brandon Rickborn / Pony Express Yourself says:

It’s cleaning weekend for me too. Maybe I’ll do a vid with simple green vs purple power.

shane barrows says:

Is that a storage unit where you are working out of???

Brent Hill says:

5 gallon bucket of Purple Power on eBay for $19.88 plus $5 for shipping. Get it while it last.

Tony's Lawn Care says:

i love no scrubbing ill have to try that!

Pyro Z says:

I’m wondering which one is least likely to agitate skin. I chemically burnt the crap out of my arms while cleaning an oven with maximum strength degreaser (yes I was wearing the proper PPE). Needless to say, the experience was bad enough that I won’t mess with anything like it again.

Rick Bell says:

Super Clean beats them all.
Purple jug.
Get you a 1 gallon pump sprayer. Saves time.

Will Ham says:

Guys,… these type of cleaning agents are also used for stripping paint and unclogging drain lines. You DO NOT want to soak and leave this on your beautiful equipment paint. It will ruin it over time, or immediately like this guy just did to his mower. This paint is now shot and he will have to constantly wax it to keep it from looking like oxidized crap! If you do use sodium hydroxide (caustic soda/lye) based cleaners, you must dilute and never let dry. Get it off after a minute or so, this should preserve your paint longer, but will still dull it over time. I was just cringing watching this the first time as I watched this guy destroy his paint, or “clear coat” as he called it. Please read the ingredients and then compare to a can of paint stripper,..same stuff!

Ron Hart says:

I have seen the purple power do the same if you let it sit to long !!
SIMPLE GREEN !!!! Does not harm nothing or the environment . Been us it since it was new. From automotive to home to lawn care. Let it sit for 5 to 10 min. and things are clean as a whistle 🙂 JMO

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