Wax Gods Powerful Pink Degreaser Review and test on my 2013 Nissan GTR!

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A special thanks to WaxGods for sending this to me to review!
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Miamiheat9517 says:

What exhaust are you getting?

JR007 says:

so awesome…looks like an amazing product! hopefully waxgods will sell on amazon soon so i can order. hate paying almost $7 for shipping. err! thanks for this vid!

pennmarks says:

Any similar product that I can pick up at Walmart?

dinonoce says:

Will it get chain wax / grease off of a motorcycle rear wheel? I’m trying to find something that will work for my motorcycle rim. A silicone based cleaner works well, but I don’t need to tell you that silicone and rear tires and brake rotors don’t like silicone!

DelicateDetailing says:

Sweet Video! Ill be keeping an eye out for this company!Interesting, I have not seen a degreaser that is intended to be wiped off, probably a quicker easier method then hosing down the car after and then your designated wash, although probably not as safe. I’m sure you could rinse it off with the same results as well!

JDMSteven says:

This would be a life saver for a fellow Floridian. I bought my first “nice” car in August (07 530i) so I haven’t really experienced the bug season but when the time comes I’m sure that this will be great if I don’t have time to wash

Secret Rider's Garage says:


Steven Yi says:

Beautiful new car. Try prepping the whole car when it’s a little cloudy out only letting the degreaser sit a couple minutes then wash and wax. When you do the front the way you did I’ve been told it’s best to seal it with a spray wax or something similar. When you get bugs that start to set in and eat away or rock chips if you wax it the chips will look discolored. That’s one of my favorite cars ever, that and a Supra. Looks awesome that degreaser really pulled the bugs.

Jessica Z. says:

Can you do a review on SD-20 foam degreaser?

laceygolf72par says:

Thanks for good review! Living in Florida too = dislike love bugs. Any smell with this product? Glad you got the GTR & looks sharp.

Kyle D says:

Great review my friend! Looks like a great product.

Carlos Rodriguez says:

u can put this on the car?

Kevin Abla says:

Mod the GTR, carbon fiber everything

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