Which is the BEST all purpose cleaner?- car detailing product review

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Debating on what all purpose cleaner you need or wondering if you need a specific product for a specific application? Well the all purpose cleaner will take care of 80% of all your cleaning- both interior and exterior.

When I first start detailing, I would get a specific dashboard cleaner, leather cleaner, tire cleaner, etc… It was all a waste of money because you can easily and effectively use an APC cleaner for everything you need.

If you need to clean something super dirty, you can dilute the APC 1:1 or 4:1. If you need to clean something moderately dirty, you can dilute the cleaner to 10:1 or 20:1.

This means you can clean your tires, leather, cloth, headliner, plastic, engine, fenders, and just about everything else with your APC.
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Oscar Gil
Auto Detailing Business Coach
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Which all purpose cleaner is best?


Kali Gilmore says:

Thanks for the added info. I just subscribed.

R. Taylor says:

oh how I remember the two milk crates full of products just for the interior…the good old days..now… one crate for the whole car…great advice buddy… there are some products that are worth their weight in gold, that if not used properly will bleach out carpet or strip dye from leather…but for most over the counter concentrates have been dumb down so much you can use it straight out of the bottle and not hurt a damn thing..happy detailing and may our spring/summer be safe and profitable

Joseph Cox says:

Lol your mouth moves quicker than a 10$ hooker in the back of a chevy

William Mercer says:

nice video to the point! is there a apc out there that has no odor to it? for the customers who are sensitive to chemical smells?

Anthony Garcia says:

What’s up Oscar, Wanted to ask you where can I find the Meguiars Detailing line locally since I am from Houston as well lol I’m aware there’s regular meguiars products but I’m specifically looking for that detailing line, Thanks homie

손효섭 says:

hey oscar do you use APC on alcantara? or you use specific alcantara product? is apc safe to use apc on alcantara?

Kevin Hampton I I says:

Hi Oscar, getting ready to start my mobile detail business. Have a question will APC and steam be a good option detailing the interior also what dressings do you like. I have tried so many lol Thanks for any input. Kev

Josh M says:

Poorboys APC & degreaser is my current moneymaker of choice. I’ve cleaned some real nasty interiors with it and has never let me down. I may try OPT Power Clean in the future as I’m slowly migrating to basically all of their line.

Kramer S says:

An all purpose cleaner is an all purpose cleaner. Regardless any of them will get the job done but I prefer Meguiar’s all purpose cleaner because I like the brand. The brand gives good quality, has a good reputation, and has been around for over a century.

The Unknown says:

Hey Detail groove!!! I got some questions to ask you. What’s your email so I can get in contact with you?

George squire says:

what do u that about awesome A.p.c

Train & More Trains says:

Can i assume mothers apc is just as good as others?

Victor The Car guy says:

do you protect yourself from this from inhalation?

JAngel Romero says:

awesome thanks bro

Rodney Banks says:

+Detail Groove About how long would you say it takes for you to go through a 5gal bucket of APC? Also, with your ratios, what percentage of the 5gal do you use for 10:1, 4:1, and 1:1. Thanks in advance.

Arjun Singh says:

I use the megs all purpose cleaner while detailing my personal and clients cars. Really good stuff! But expensive even if I can make a lot of bottles. Someone said simply green isn’t bad either but I’m scared to try that

Ced J says:

hey Oscar, I understand that to reveal information and knowledge is key; however, your videos will be a huge improvement if you reveal knowledge while you’re working. Remember that the proof is in the Pudding. They’re so many videos with to much talking and it can be really annoying especially when it’s the same information over and over. Just words to the Wise, so keep up the good work tho.

albert pimentel says:

Question I have Bmw and I want to clean the all interior let me know what stuff to use and where can I find ok thanks

Vick Rodriguez says:

brother I went trough all those chemicals until I found the best all purpose cleaner by a small company here in California called Tony’s detailing supplies stalling at $18.00 per gallon and $45 a bucket of 5 gal. AMAZING STUFF NEVER GOING BACK TO MEGUIARS OR ANY OTHER A.P.C

Junior Sandoval says:

another great video

Oreth Case says:

I live outside the USA so i will have to find something that works cause Megs is gonna be expensive

Mario Campos says:

Tambien para los asientos de piel sirve

Origin Media says:

I’ve been watching your content for a minute now. Pretty good advice.

Willyan Lucio says:

Great Video Oscar! Do you have any tip on how to clean/shampoo carpet and upholstery without an extractor? Thanks

Sick Detailing says:

have you tried all purpose or degreaser for rhims?

JP Details says:

+1 for Meguiars APC! Nice video Oscar.

Cesar Rdz says:

Hey Oscar I need some help I was using meguiars APC diluted 10:1 on my bmw leather seats but started to notice dye being transferred onto the towel it’s a 2011 and beige in color I have had this problems with other leather cleaners before as well for example meguiars leather cleaner and conditioner any reasons as why this happens or is normal in these cars, any other products you recommend to clean the leather ?

Erek Moses says:


I’m sure with all my comments I’m beginning to be an annoyance, but I’ve just gotta ask one more!

There are APCs, then there are things like meguires satin and gloss finishes. I’ve been using an apc, then going over everything yet again with a semi-gloss meguires finish, which takes much more time than a once over.

How do you feel about one step clean and gloss chemicals, such as rapid interior detailers and things of that sort?

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