Gordon Loving says:

Yep, I love Zep. The ZEP Orange HD degreaser is mostly what I use. pretty much my go to APC as I’ve cleaned everything with it with different dilutions. I’ve heard good things about this and 505.

Michael Balenti says:

This is an extremely aggressive degreaser. I used this to clean tires at 5 to 1 ONCE. It completely oxidized the clear coat on my oem wheels. Would never recomend using this on a vehicle.

David Rintjema says:

Have you tested Grand Slam by 3D Car Care? That is also an industrial grade cleaner.

Luxury detail Car care says:

The best way to clean engine and faster is with the pressure washer and another tip, cover de battery cover the alternator and any electrical connectors because you can cause damage

SilentwolfRAWR says:

Yes, you can get it at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Zep also puts out a degreaser called Fast 505 that I’ve tried a lil bit works good as well. All the Zep products I’ve tried have been great. Once you get out of the mindset that “name brand” is the best, you can discover some great products that are cheaper and just as good or better.

Shawn Amison says:

Where does this fall in terms of grease cutting and cleaning power compared to the zep all purpose, zep citrus degreaser, and super clean that you’re a huge fan of? Is this stronger than super clean that you don’t use it on the interior? Zep purple is probably too powerful and reserved just for engine bays and cleaning driveways I imagine.

Anthony Catalano says:

Walmart carries as well for anyone looking.

Mich Cat says:

Scott, you ever have a problem with alternator failure or problems with electrical from hosing down the engine compartment?

Calendyr says:

Hello Scott, love your videos.  Thank you for the tips for both the Zep degreaser and Purple Power.  I have been using a janitorial store brand degreaser for engines.  The product works well and cost about 20$ per gallon.  When I am done with my current gallon I will give this one a try.  For tires I use Meguiar’s APC diluted 4:1 and add a little bit of dawn to get a lot of foam.  Been working well but it’s pretty expensive because of shipping to Canada, looking at around 35$ per gallon when all is said and done.  So buying Purple Power locally would be great.  Thanks again!

1221Ralph says:

Hey Scott, this stuff will stain bare aluminum. But very powerful degreaser and very good if used right.

trapcracker says:

Scott, can you make a video on all of the products in your detailing lineup? Thanks.

Skyblue says:

Hey from Ireland what do u find is best for cleaning very dirty seats . Wish could get some that stuff u have for 5 litters here it coast 50 euro for a .apc .

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