Best and worst laundry detergents

John Matarese reports on a consumer survey.


Poor Person says:


Orl2xist says:

Fab and Tide are number 1 in my book..Fab is cheap, cleans very well and have a variety of awesome scents.   

hansi perloff says:

Persil now entered the US market and beat all brands by a huge margin

Gotee Gotee says:

How can people trust on brands in USA, the land of the fake marketing and consumer manipulation? Just buy the cheapest and save the money. Detergent is just fucking detergent.

45dvc says:

How were they graded?

Joy Tovar says:

don’t waste your money on commercial detergents anyway. Just make it yourself. You’ll save lots of money and it’s good for the environment as well. Plus most people that make their own laundry deteregent  say that it cleans better than commercial brands and  they definitely won’t go back to buying these detergents from the store. I’m one of them.

ShineBrightLittleStar T says:

Is Ariel Tide ?

Bamzys Life says:

Foca <3

Anurania says:

So many of the products are made by the same company. Do they intentionally make some perform worse or are they all about equal?

Christopher Williams says:

Those detergents have phosphates and damage your machine and the environment how about the best detergent in the world here:

Edita Goudelock says:

I love purex natural elementals I’ve tried all but this one has the best scent just wish it would last longer on the clothes and Walgreens usually has it on sale for 1.99$

Nexter5722 says:

another garbage BIAS review …. there are so many that are just as good as Tide and way fucking cheaper …. FUCK THE NEWS

Swift 2015 says:

I like all island dreams and arm and hammer!

chiskiaooo says:


Rigo Cornejo says:

this guy is lying I tried all of these detergents to remove grass stains and all of them fucking suck balls those brands care about how the bottle looks but PERSIL will clean everything those gras stains disappear easy I was fucking surprised.

Leo D says:

its one of the cheapest and its one of the best laundry detergents: FOCA laundry detergent.
 Use 1/2 a cup for a large load on a regular top loading machine, use 1/8 of a cup in a HE washer or just a little but more of a 1/8 of a cup or little less depending capacity of your HE washer. then use your favorite fabric softener. Don’t believe me check the reviews for FOCA laundry detergent or try it for yourself. FOCA is found in some Walmart stores, Target and many other stores. And the best thing is super super cheap!!!! I use it on my lg HE washer.

Harambe The One Who Died says:

I use gain

LGwasherFan says:

I use Arm and Hammer

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