Best Car Wash Detergents/Products & Techniques Reviewed

A look at car wash products, techniques and reviews


R26Roman says:

so when is wash & wax soaps used? I understand regular soaps like Adams or migueries gel are meant to clean and keep sealents clean but what’s the purpose of wash &wax? when would you use it? and

Matt Woywod says:

I feel like I need to be paying you for such incredible content and great tips. I would love to find out what you use in your home brew decontamination soap. I also LOVE super degreaser and go through a gallon a month as my economy degreaser. But I also keep optimum power clean for tires that have had heavy amounts of silicone based tire dressing used without ever cleaning them before applying.

Also, for cleaning my polishing pads, presoaking my microfibers, cleaning carpets and fabrics, and cleaning interiors for my maintenance customers, I am in love with Einzett 1Z Blitz APC

Would love to see a video of your favorite apc’s and degreasers!!!!!
Keep them coming!

Michael De Luca says:

Love the reviews! I was going to purchase some optimum onr to add to my wash bucket. Do you thing the onr wash & wax is not a good idea since my car has a sealant on it?

Jamie C says:

Hey Sandro,
I just purchased some Soft Wash Gel & after reading the guidelines it says to use 40ml of product for every 4 litres.
That would mean in a 20L bucket 200ml of the product or half a bottle.
It seems an awful lot of product, especially when I’m used to normally putting two cap fulls of product in.
Does this seem right to you, how much of the product do you use & in what size bucket?

John Perez says:

It’s about time someone speaks the true about car care products from cleaning wash sealants wax products great work keep it up

Paul Attard says:

Excellent review.

John Perez says:

It’s great to someone speaks the true about car care products from cleaners sealants wax etc keep the good work up

Taco says:

I was about to get that yellow bottle of meguair wash and wax but was wondering just how effective it is. I will be getting it now. Thx for the insights! Armourall have definitely disappointed me many times..their relatively high prices does not make their products that worth it.

Brandon Howard says:

Hey vid is ok but the music is too loud and distracting when trying to pay attention to you. also video is pretty long you should probably seperate this into 2-3 videos probably would help your channel too but what do i know. Good luck

John Perez says:

What do think about durogloss car wash I think it could be like mesquites soft wash

vanev says:

Another great video.
Keep up the good work.

Shawn Amison says:

I’m pretty sure the meguiars soft wash os the same thing as megs deep crystal wash sold in the US just under a different label. I buy that in 2 liter bottles here for regular maintenance washes. Works great and doesn’t leave any residuals on the paint after rinsing. Just picked up my first bottle of ultimate wash & wax last week. Got it on sale for $5 which was a huge deal. Going to use it this weekend. I think I’ll use this for my weekly washes on my daily driver. It smells amazing. Much thicker liquid and it seems to have slightly better lubrication.

OiDavoMate says:

What dilution ratio do you use the morning frsh soap to strip wax?

TheLookingOne says:

I like your advice–very sensible.

Are the sealants that you recommend (in your other videos) good to use on PPF clear bras?

Ken Lawton says:

Nanolicous is brilliant and lasts ages. One capful is all I use for a really slick soap. Love it.

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