Not your mother’s line: each product is 7.99!!
Curl cream:
Frizz control gel ( light-medium hold):

SheaMoisture Protein power treatment mask ( definition):

Pacifica Pineapple Curls mask:

2nd, 3rd & 4th day hair link:

Want free cleaning supplies for simply buying laundry detergent and things you already need? ( the grove is AMAZING, I’m obsessed):…

India’s Instagram:…
⬇️⬇️My current 2018 favorite hair products ⬇️⬇️

Groove Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush by Vanity Planet
direct link:
Use code: india50 for 50% off




Hair mask:

Styling Product (HOLY GRAIL YALL lol):

Diffuser :

Oil for Shine:


Turbi Twist:

DevaCurl Starter Kit:

Shower cap:



Devotional book:

Self Tanner:
code: indiabatson for a FREE mitt w/ purchase
(i use the color dark)

Phone case:



NON DRYING nude Liquid Lipstick:

Nespresso Capsule flavor:

Ring Light for Phone:

Amazon Prime (life changing) :

Music Player:




F A Q:

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School: Graduated from University with a business degree
Location: ATL
Height: 5’5
fav show of all time: sexin the city
fav color: YELLOW

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Canon 70D:
Sony A5100: (Vlogs only)
Editing software: Final cut Pro X

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inthesnowxx x says:

the cream isn’t CGM approved!!!!

Faith Romanazzi says:

Can you please do a new updated hair routine?

Cosmic_Fae says:

Might try these for when I don’t have the money to spend on DevaCurl!!!

GolIath Lover1510 says:

Updated hair routine please

Brittany Convery says:

Do you prefer this newer line compared to the NYM Tahitan curl line?

angela caza says:

Where can I buy these products in Canada??!!!

Natasha Muppidi says:

do you prefer the devacurl wavemaker or these stylers together?

జ్ఞ‌ా జ్ఞ‌ా says:


Maria Alexandra Smigielski says:

I love the gel but it dries my hair out, does it dry your hair out?

Jackie Lafosse says:

A more detailed review is what I look for

Spicy Pumpkin says:

If your hair feel crunchy after using gel, you simply have to ‘crunch out the crunch” 😉

Sybil Holiday says:

1st reviews are great but the in-depth gives more info about how the products work over time.
And TY for something similar to DevaCurl that isn’t expensive!

Amia Muller says:

Where is this sold?

chomsken says:

i want to see more ass shots because i think your ass is delicious

Gana Hamodh says:

Im from the netherlands and here nobody have curls so they dont sell special curly hairproducts and they also dont sell products without silicones and sulfates i cant buy things online so i just styled my hair for 5 years i want to go naturel but i dont know what to do or buy i hope you can help me and give me some tips on how to start my hairjourney
××× gana Hamodh

Miya Kassab says:

I’ve tried the cream and the gel and i have to say it gives you a lot of volume and it’s really nice! It’s not too expensive so I definitely think you guys should give these products a try :)))

Kathleen Morgan says:

Can you do a side-by-side comparison of these with your DevaCurl products, please??? Especially the styler and WaveMaker?

Danielle Alicea says:

I am surprised that you didn’t try the not your mother’s natural gardenia and mango line especially after you review the detangler spray. By the way I have tried the whole natural gardenia and mango line and I love it I highly recommend it. And I do see they have a natural mousse which is the sea kelp and coconut line which I can’t wait to try and I also plan to try what you were recommending thank you.

Chelsey Cubillan says:

Hey India would you refresh this with the gel or cream ?

Sara S says:

I definitely prefer more in-depth reviews as opposed to first impressions. I’m interested in your thoughts on that entire Pacifica lin curly line of products.

Ps- corps is pronounced like core (think Army Corps of Engineers). Corpse is a dead body. Lol

laststand says:

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Dana Mack says:

Detailed>first impressions!

Jodie Lieberman says:

I like an in depth review!

ThatCat Val says:

Love the indept review. I feel like it helps more than just first impression. Thanks India!!

thesavage24 says:

Devacurl’s gels have never worked for me! I wanna try the Arc Angel but none of the others have worked yet!

zalett ramirez says:

I finally found someone with the same hair like me !!!!!

lele lele says:

Why do you were makeup you look way better without makeup btw love your videos

Shea Jackson says:

Hows the smell compared to the shea moisture products? Im so sensitive to perfumes and unfortunately sheamoisture makes me ill

caralee hyatt says:

I love videos that are more in depth! Thank you for doing this video! I will be buying this for sure!!

Wicker Mouse says:

Would this line be alright for fashion color hair? I’m going silver next Friday and I need something that won’t make my hair brassy. Also have a very dry scalp. Was thinking about getting the verb hydrating mask since I’ve heard great things about it.

Amber Hernandez says:

I definitely prefer a more in depth review, like this one

Tommy Rickman says:

I personally prefer more in depth reviews, because something may be great during first impressions but that may not last

Karen Buffington says:

Where is your bathing suit top from!? Sooo cute!!

Tatyana Scott says:

I wish NYM came to Canada, we got Maui and Shea but no NYM : (

Alisa Fixler says:

Your bathing suit is so cute and your hair is fireeee

Brandi Reichert says:

I must have been blocked. Sorry

Skye G says:

I’ve been trying to find an alternative to devacurl’s ultra defining gel because it’s my holy grail and it’s expensive af, so I was so excited to try tis gel!! But it didn’t have enough hold and most importantly, when I would sleep my curls wouldn’t keep their shape and they would stretch, break apart, which doesn’t happen with the ultra defining gel

Shyla Tobiassen says:

Oh I’m so excited you reviewed this! I’m obsessed with DevaCurl but I wanted a alternative that would still work when you’re “ballin’ on a budget”! I’m a college student and dont have a ton of cash to drop on products. Do you have any other “affordable” product recommendations?

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