Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash (Review) – Better Than Laundry Detergent?

Today I decided to test out the chemical guys microfiber wash, and the results weren’t what I expected. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts and experiences with these products.

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Jonnie Bangkok says:

Throw those filthy rags in the trash!

Vdubin64 says:

I just bought some of this detergent.. Realized that their shop is local to me, after checking the address.. I used it right away.. The wash water definitely turned dark.. Although, not a noticeable difference as mentioned in this video.. It’s also really thin, almost watery for those that have never used it.. I’ll continue to use the entire bottle.. But, as mentioned nothing really wowing, but the price tag.. It was nearly $20 for 16oz.. Can’t believe what other companies charge for similar microfiber friendly detergent.. One place that I found charges over $50 for the stuff.. That will buy alot of Tide, All, Gain or whatever your preference.. I’ll continue to use before passing my final judgment.. Although, everything else that I’ve used from Chemical Guys has been top shelf !! I really like their automotive shampoos.. Thanks for the video !

wyzemann says:

Many users don’t understand the concept of microfiber cloths, so it goes with this detergent. The main purpose of CG Microfiber was is to preserve the ability of various mf cloths to pull and trap dirt. Regular detergent supposedly degrades that specific purpose to a point where mf cloths become as useless as an old used t-shirt/rag.

I’ve used this product on numerous types of mf, not just those for my car; and I’ve noticed the integrity of the cloth remain nearly as good as new. I see no streaks from my many mirrors, 7 fish tanks, or car windows after typical reuse; also, my car products still cut the mustard.

Now, my only gripe is the fact that heavy stains and odors from various car detailing chemicals somewhat remain on the mf cloths after each wash. That’s more of a testament to the chemicals I’ve used than to the mf wash.

ForeignBorn Patriot says:

I can vouch for the Chemical Faggots mf wash. I just used it a few days ago. However the pads I used for wax and sealant still feel oily and smell bad. But the towels and wax applicator came out just fine!

Parth Patel says:

what about the towels you used on your paint or windows, those are the ones that I really want cleaned

N.3.F says:

what is best microfiber for dry & clean ?

Ken Lawton says:

Any liquid detergent is good enough for me, microfiber detergent is a bit of a gimmick I think.

Lee ST150 says:

hi mate. ive found that the chemical guys microfibre wash does’nt get out heavy stains. but has help with drying towels. My drying towels seem to work a whole lot better.

Jeff S. says:

The chemical guys microfiber wash is great, towels that soiled need to be presoaked in a bucket set overnight. Works for me, stains come out!

Andrew Murphy says:

Just subbed. You have some cool vids! I’ll have to learn some detailing once my car is painted

Pimpdamere says:

You gotta hot wash microfiber towels.

r1dg3xrac3r says:

I didnt notice any difference either. The instructions weren’t that clear. Was I suppose to just toss it on top of the towels then start the machine ? Or put it in the detergent dispenser. Was expecting a miracle to save my costco microfiber towels.

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