Dishwasher Detergent That Works!

The Handyguys discuss dishwasher detergent, phosphate, environmental impact and getting those dishes clean! Why not check out this episode to discover one of the leading causes of dirty dishes. See if you need TSP or vinegar or some other additive to get the job done.


BlackDiamond 2 says:

Talk too much like women. Get to the point.

oiyabastard says:

funny cuz CASCADE means to  flow over  like a water fall.  as in  CLEANS YOUR DISHES lolololol  shud change to  CASTAIN

Ann V says:

Get a Miele! They are fantastic. I find the Cascade Platinum work best. But I go overseas often and grab some detergent with phosphates!

Karmah's Law says:

Lemi-Shine is the BEST!  My water is so hard you have to chew it!  After my water softener broke, I had cloudy, dirty dishes that I had to scrub *after* they came out of the dishwasher!  I tried EVERYTHING (except TSP) and NOTHING worked, so I just stopped using my dishwasher altogether for 3 years.  Then came Lemi-Shine!  I don’t know what’s in it, but it sure is a Godsend!  Not one problem…dishes are crystal clear. no film and I still don’t have a water softener!  You guys should test Lemi-Shine.

Natalia G says:

You can buy it on ebay, but it may cost you a bit more. About $25 per box.

Alice DaGoon says:

could a person put a few water softener pellets in with the wash load? would this help?

Dennis Freeman says:

These guys are really annoying. They don’t really know their subject matter and they think that they are really clever. It might help if they actually went over their script ahead of time. Losers.

Clay Blasdel says:

they are new at this. They need to talk one at a time.

Margie F says:

I have been using Finish Powerball for 3 1/2 years since I bought the Bosch dishwasher. I now have light orange goo on the plastic parts of the filter in the bottom of the DW. Bosch says this is from the Finish detergent, and I should use Finish Quantum which is much more expensive. Found pictures and description of this on Garden web from 4 years ago.

Daniel Woods says:

I have a newer Maytag Jetclean and it works absolutley perfectly.


I bought the industrial strength Cascade at a supply store and it worked great.  I went back to get more and now all they carry is phosphate free industrial strength.  It does not work.  I am going to try the finish tabs and see if they work.

TDNomad says:

For me both Finish PowerBall All in 1 tabs, and Finish Quantum tabs do a great job of cleaning.

Finish PowerBall All in 1 tabs leaves a film behide on my dishes even with rinse aid. If I add a bit of Finish Advanced Gel to the main wash cup with the All in 1 tab, it helps some. Now if I turn up my rinse aid from 2 to 4, the dishes come out nice. But im using more rinse aid, and soap just to prevent/remove the film of my dishes. I found the solution. Finish Quantum tabs. With these it does everything that the All in 1 tabs do, but they dont leave a film behide and I can keep my rinse aid at 2. 

Nordeast Bea says:

Adding 1 tablespoon of borax to the washer is all you need for sparkling dishes.

thetaijicentre says:

Phosphates were removed because of environmental pollution causing harmful effects to waterways e.g. excessive algal bloom rendering water toxic to fish animals and humans…..

biceptaper says:

Time to really update and correct the information presented here. You DO NOT want to use TSP to supplement your detergent. The Phosphate that was removed was not TSP but STPP, Sodium Tri-Polyphosphate, Add a teaspoon or less to your main wash compartment and you will see a difference in results.
Finish comes in different formulations.. Look at the ingredient list and try the product that shows that it contains a very small amount of STPP. It is a very small percentage but that is what makes it work well. Really helps with the film issue you speak of.
The Cascade you showcase has been removed from sale as a dishwasher detergent. It is now marketed as a commercial Fryer boil out product but it is the same formula as what you show. And like you said, it is usually available at a commercial food service purveyor or online.

tallboyyyy says:

I tried the Finish Powerball tabs once and they caused my 33 year old Maytag dishwasher to spew suds out the bottom of the door and all over my kitchen floor.  I took them back.  I’m lucky to live where we have fairly soft water so any brand of powdered detergent works fine.  I usually buy the store brands and haven’t had a problem.  My mother has hard water and has had very good luck with the Cascade Platinum pacs.

jvradar says:

We tried finish, no go, we tried everything under the sun. Then my wife found a coupon for Oxi-Clean dishwasher detergent! Wow! (no, we do not own, have shares, or have a dog in this fight!)
But anyhow, I will testify that you will think you have pre-2010 dish detergent soap!

joe m says:

Try bubble bandit with phosphates. Works great

Philip H says:

The inside of my dishwashers corroding, the seals are rotting, the wildlife in my area are all dying but my dishes are coming out clean haha!

Yumpin Yiminy says:

I used to use Electrolux powder in my Dishwasher. It did a great job. I now use the Finish power balls. They work great. When Electrolux went off the market it merged with Finish. The original Power Ball boxes said electrolux with Finish. So now I have the best of both worlds.

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