Dollar Tree Cleaner Awesome Orange VS Oxy Clean

Let me compare these products. I’m giving you my thoughts about these 2 products. Hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you think about the Awesome Product.


Beth Stahl says:

I love the product I used the Oxi Clean when it first came out years ago and it worked great but I then tried the LA’S TOTALLY AWESOME in the blue container thinking it would work but it didn’t so I was a bit hesitant when I saw the AWESOME ORANGE in my local Dollar Tree on trying it but I figured it’s only a dollar what do I have to lose. I’m so very glad I did it cleans the clothes and leaves them smelling fresh it even gets the smell out of my husband’s work shirt and if anyone has tried to get the smell out of fast food out of clothes they know what I’m talking about I even use this when making my homemade laundry soap. I’ve even started using more of the AWESOME cleaning products and I love them too

BobRooney says:

oxy costs 10 times more than the dollar tree brand. does it really matter if you have to use two scoops vs a single scoop of oxy?

Lorette D'souza says:

Thanks for the review. So to make the long story short dollar tree cleaner awesome orange is good and worth trying. Thanks

Lauren says:

What’s t he ingredients?? Is it all natural??

Aminah Tha Ummi says:

I love this stuff!!!

BB North of Nowhere says:

I buy Amesome Orange cleaner, I buy it in bulk, by the case from Dollar Tree online. I use it on all my laundry, toilets, garage concrete floors. Also use it on glass baking pans that are baked on. Yup, love it. Barbara in Maine

Alina FstrMom says:

I LOVE the Awesome Orange !!!! I just found it a couple of weeks ago I have gone through three containers, I went back yesterday to buy some more and they have been taken off the shelf they now have the regular blue awesome which smells nasty to me. I love the smell of the awesome orange! I have two dogs and whenever I clean with it the house smells delish and fresh and clean. I googled the product and found some on Amazon for $8.99!! The least expensive I found was $4.99… Sad but there’s people out there making ridiculous amounts of money when others can only afford the $1 products. I tried going to their website to purchase directly but it is not showing at this time. I will place a call on Monday to the company to see how I can buy a case of this. Thank you for your review!

William Pribble says:

I am going to try this!

83msmoon says:

thanks for sharing but can I use the dollar tree product on colour cloths?

seraph says:

00:04:11 😉

Jennifer Bruce says:

Thanks for the great info! By the way I recently started using the Awesome window cleaner with vinegar and not only does it work well on glass it also kills ants. It’s very handy.

Elisha Reeder says:

thank you for the review. I noticed that you said you used one scoop of each, the oxiclean scoop is twice as big the la’s awesome orange scoop… so technically using two scoops of la’s is the same as what you would put in with the one big scoop of oxiclean?!

Schnauzer Mom says:

I’ve been using mine for awhile now too and love it

Chelle-shell Parks says:

I wish our Dollar Tree carried the same items as yours. Would love to try the Awesome Orange, ours just carries the regular and in half the size. Did try looking on their website to see if I could order some, but no luck 🙁

Veronika Conaway says:

Thank you for your opinion, Heidi. I have been trying some of the Dollar Tree cleaning products, but haven’t tried that yet because I wasn’t sure how well it would work. As a matter of fact, I was at dt the other day and wanted to try the fabric softener sheets you recommended in one of your cleaning videos, but I forgot which scent it was so I bought both.

John Mendoza says:

Using two scoops of the Oxi Clean is too much, It will damage your washer.

Gena Poss says:

Thanks for this…..I will pick this up on my next trip to dollar tree….I picked up the carpet refresher spray in your cleaning video and I really like it…….love your videos

pleasebringmeback says:

Oxy Clean not Oxi Clean. Never forget!

Nat McCulley says:

*heavily scented

Diann Gaines says:

Hmm. Thanks for the tip. New subbie here. 🙂

daisy hernandez says:

Thank you for the info

momof2 says:

I use it and it works great… and for $1 you can’t beat it

MsPrincess1347 says:

I want to know can I use the OxiClean on my color towels that have benzo peroxide stains.

TheJanicetunes says:

Thank you! Great video I needed to know the difference and i will be using on my cement patio and in my homemade laundry detergent :)))) You’re the best!!!

Lee Keels says:

The brand is actually LA’s Totally Awesome. Not just “Awesome”.

Crystal Darnell says:

I use this in every load of laundry I wash. I feel its just a boast to my laundry soap. Sad my Dollar Tree was out last week.  Love this product!!!

Kay Lane says:

LAs Totally Awesome line of products have to be the best find YET! Kiddos Koral, you did an EXCELLENT presentation of reviewing this product. I just left another poster’s video, due to her lack of being able to relate how well the product works, and in what ways she uses it.

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