Dollar Tree Review ( LA Totally Awesome Laundry Detergent)

Watch here to see my Review on this Detergent I bought for a dollar!

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ladytee_73 says:

I usually buy it for my rugs and dog bedding and I love it.

Sarah Ko says:

Oh man. Detergent is the one thing I don’t skimp on. I always buy a huge bottle of Tide Original at Costco.

Silver Surfer says:

I use the LA’s Totally Awesome Rain Fresh scent. It comes in a green bottle. I have been using their products for years. I like to use it with 2 scoops of their oxygen base cleaner and my clothes come out looking great and smelling so fresh.

Valencia Shelton Durham says:

Loved your review,great down home personality,and I am one with stains from machine. I will buy this. Thumbs up!!!

JesusPaid4You2 says:

Wow! Good to know! Thank you. I will definitely pick that up. I have a similar oil stain on one of my work shirts! God bless you!!!

kel70 says:

A tip for the stain…….take some baby powder sprinkle it on the stain before you wash it. rub it into the stain abit. the powder will absorb the oil. then wash like normal. it make take a couple washes with the powder rubbed in depending on what it is but it does work. i thought of it for some reason years ago tried it and still do it today. plus it smells good

Love Purpose says:

A real visual review! That’s awesome!! 🙂 Thank you!

ASMR Calm Lucy says:

I appreciate this video. Super helpful. I will grab a bottle on my next stop at the DT. I’m not crazy for a lot of scent in clothes because of allergies. Looking forward to trying the LA. Thank You!

2012MsQuita says:

Great review! Will have to give it a try!

Nat McCulley says:

Okay, after watching the video and reading through all of the comments here, I am going to pick up one bottle and give it a try.

I am a HUGE laundry soap snob. Gain Original is my favorite scent but Tide with Bleach is my favorite as far as cleaning power. I am a HUGE fan of heavily scented laundry soaps, sprinkles, Downy, and I always, always use three Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets in every load. I cannot, CANNOT, stand static cling!

I live in west Texas, smack dab in the middle of the oilfield and things tend to get greasy like mad. I used to do admin work in a couple of offices around here and the oilfield guys swear by “Foca” laundry powder for getting those stains out. I tend to get little splatters on my shirts when I’m cooking anything with grease, oil or butter – it always finds a way onto my clothes, never fails. I tried adding a cup of Foca powder (purchased at Sam’s and/or Germ-Mart (Walmart) and it has been fantastic at getting the splatters out of my shirts. I also hang all of my shirts to dry and love the way they smell up room while hanging there.

Anyway, back on track here… I’m going to grab a bottle of one of the LA Awesome Laundry Detergents – not sure which one as I will have to smell them all before I decide to throw one in my basket – and will try it. I will try it alone, first with only Bounce in the dryer. I will wash Nala’s (my spoiled fur-kid) blankets and see how they come out smelling. I wash her stuff regularly so it’s not like they smell like dog or anything. If her stuff comes out smelling great, I’ll try it on towels next. I may have to do as another poster has suggested – in adding either downy or whatever – maybe scent boosting beads to the laundry soap to give it a scent boost – if it’s a sufficient cleaner, in my eyes.

I completely agree about suds! Our minds equate suds with clean – when I see detergent that doesn’t sud up well, I don’t feel it cleans as well and tend to add more detergent than I should use to try to boost the cleaning power (in my mind). =)

countrychristianmom says:

Donna, love your videos. You look so much smaller in today’s video. I can see the weight loss. Congrats to you and thanks for the videos.

Cosbypolitan says:

and buy that $1 bottle of gain or tide and mix it together and WALAH MAGIC lol

Rabbitfootie says:

Try the Aldi brand TANDIL(mountain fresh smell), it works really great we even switched to it. The Aldi Tandil fabric softener with the pink top works great also. The Tandil detergent is only $1.99. But I read in your comments and one lady said she uses the one you are reviewing for dog and rug items etc, and that was a good idea. I love these kind of videos.:)

Elizabeth B SoCal says:

I have tried the other scents of this brand and I really like them all. My favorite is the one that is the 2in1 with the fabric softener in the lavender scent. Such a great deal! ~Elizabeth

Simon says:

I used to swear by the suds too, then in 2015 I got a HE washer. It’s a good trade off, because the HE washers do get your clothes cleaner.

I usually buy Tide for clothes, and Arm & Hammer for sheets, towels, and my dog’s bedding. The LA Totally Awesome oxi booster for laundry does work well though.

Patricia Francis says:

What do suds have to do with anything????

Alissa Self says:

I hauled this about a week ago and I was pleasantly surprised for a dollar. I think it’s a great deal. I still buy my more expensive detergent for my nicer clothes but I use this for everything else now and it’s great! Saves me money and I strength my more expensive detergent a lot further. Great review! 🙂

Kemikyja4 Star says:

I saw another video where they used the dollar store laundry soap and they added some liquid fabric softener to the container shook it up and theres your scent! You could add sauvitel or downy or whatever scent you like if you want more of a scent on your clothes. I thought it was a good tip and very cost effective

Margaret Lowery says:

I tried it today for the first time and it was excellent. I have always used Tide and this worked just as well. I am sold. Never buying Tide again only Awesome.

Judy Consilio says:

I’ve found that everything I’ve ever tried from the L.A.’s Awesome brand works well. However, I’ve never tried their laundry detergent . . I’m a Tide user . . but I’m going to give this a whirl!

Fran Pennell says:

Is it safe for high efficiency machines? The whole point of those is low suds.

abeautifulmess 36 says:

I have always bypassed this detergent because I had read online reviews where a lot of people said it put holes in their clothes but now that it has the Donna seal of approval, I may try it.

April Arendsen says:

I will have to see if our have it!

chandler907 says:

They have the xtra detergent for like $2 and some change at Walmart. The size that’s on your dryer in the back. Or the huge one for 7 I think. I’m a sucker when it comes to detergent and always go back to tide(not a fan of the gain smell) but for inexpensive detergents I love all free and clear and then Purex baby. I’ve only found it at Walmart and it is soooo good. It does not smell like baby powder or anything it’s a very clean great smell for the whole family. I love it

brenda kibler says:

i will try and let u know

Bernees Way says:

I love all of the Dollar Tree laundry detergents. This detergent does not stay on my DT shelf…people love it. I love suds too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Mark's Reviews and RANTS says:

We recently started using this and works pretty good but the bottle that is 2 in 1 detergent plus fabric softener does not work to good there is still static.I think it is a good size bottle for a dollar.

bbwsweetandsexy631 says:


Lindsay's Library says:

I love the Awesome cleaner (I use it to steam my carpets), so I’m definitely going to try a bottle of the laundry detergent next time I stop by Dollar Tree. Thanks for the review!

Holly L says:

Picked up some of the laundry detergent today, got two different scents, used the lavender one with the softener, it worked well, I washed a load of towels, bathroom and kitchen. Also picked up some spray cleanser, it worked well too. Cleaned my stove, it was loaded with bacon grease.

Cadmar Business Suite says:

This was a really good review. I liked your demo. I swear by Persil but the Awesome product line from Dollar Tree is really good. I use the Orange Awesome Powdered Oxygen based cleaner and it is better than OxiClean to me so I can see the laundry detergent being good too.

Rk Carson II says:

nice haul video you did.

Holly L says:

Gonna pick some up next time I go to Dollar Tree, & give it a try

Tina Fisher says:

i love the fabric softner

brenda gans says:

I used Gain for yeaaars; ran out and since DT is 2 blocks from me I took a chance. I really like it. Gain is expensive, I love the Gain scent so I still buy the scent boosters at Walmart. and the Gain dryer sheets are at DT, too. tfs neighbor ☺

moonwalker tekken says:

I use it every week to clean my laundry and it removes all stains including ketchup, mustards, dirt, stew, etc…. For the fragrance, i just add laundry sheets when it’s drying to have my clothes smell good, or i sometimes use swiftel liquid fragrance(which needs to be added during rinse cycle).

Conner Galloway says:

thanks for the review! I’m a college student so I’m doing some cheap back to dorm shopping. just a quick question tho. does the cap on this brand act as a measuring cup like the Tide cap?

Rk Carson II says:

A nice review.

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