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//// //// says:

Reshoevn8r works for my shoes idk how it didn’t work for you I had dirt brown roshes the original color way was all white I used the sneaker solution and the laundry system kit and it got all the dirt out they look brand new

Nando bravo says:

you were suppose to put one shoe at a time

NuKe Flame says:

There was a clear difference in the 2 yeezys so complaining that it didn’t make them DS is stupid

Adam Cummings says:

I’m actually impressed with how clean they came out.

ItsVerdy says:

Would the Laundry Detergent thing work on Off White 97’s

Kitty Oranges says:

Crep get crep

Victor Scott says:

Crep is better. one brush , cleaning solution, yellow towel and carrying case.

Julian Rada says:

I’ve always washed my shoes in the washer with bleach and detergent no matter what color they was always come out super clean and hasn’t faded or bleached out the color on any of them

King Reacts says:

I mean don’t lie and said you were disappointed with the outcome with the white yeezys because it did revive its best, that you gotta admit. Overall, the product isn’t shoe god cleaner, but it does clean better than most do.

james salinas says:

he put the shoes in the bag wrong

Stuart Trave says:

What are we expecting here… you caked your shoes in mud. They look fine after you cleaned them.

AxSquad says:

You a scrub.

HillJoL says:

If the shoe has that much dirt on it won’t bring it all the way back looking like new

Luis Rodriguez says:

i know this is a weirdate comment but for the y2 shoes i believe thats what they are called, your supposed to put the shoes in seperately

Jonmike799 Nick says:

I use crep with my Zebra Yeezys

Yanni Legakis says:

I dead ass had to skip the part of him fucking up his shoes

Matt Closson says:

Crep em. It’ll fix it hopefully

Kai Franchetti says:

Nike socks an adidas yeezys

Luis Rodriguez says:

i know this is a weirdate comment but for the y2 shoes i believe thats what they are called, your supposed to put the shoes in seperately

Roberto Herrera says:

Cuz u didnt clean em right

jackcarter says:

You could just use bleach that is what I use

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

When you was the sneaker you have to separate the shoes put them in 2 separate bags. And I also put one tide pods and also oxi clean

Julien Steffens says:

Crep is way better

Emily _ 135 says:

while you are cleaning them with the solution without cleaning off the soap and then throw them in the washing machine and only put one shoe in one bag

Bradley Matthews says:

I mean what can they do to improve the deep cleaning part of their product, it’s literally just a mesh bag so you can put them in your washing machine, what else can they do???

Rest easy SK says:

0:13 ouchhhh

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