Frey The Man Detergent Review

Frey The Man Detergent Review
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After receiving this men’s laundry detergent in a sample size with Gentleman’s box, I knew I needed to get more. I ordered the $29 Frey Starter Kit with the T-shirt. This detergent has a great scent and I recommend this to all my fellow gentleman out there. This really gives your clothing that extra oomph! Plus they are designer label safe, eco-friendly, and good on stains. Below is more information about Frey the man detergent.

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Oak & Musk- Scent and Detergent for Men

After over a year in researching colognes, sampling dozens of ingredients, and endless scent trials, our Oak and Musk scent was born.

Oak, a symbol of strength and endurance, embodied by its austere scent of wood and wild forest, and Musk, a natural substance matched by no other in its complex, animalistic and earthy aroma, combine with the smoother, sweeter, warmer scent of sandalwood to form our strong base layer.

We layer this with notes of soft, worn leather accompanied by hints of citrusy bergamot and piney, sweet frankincense to form a powerful, well-balanced scent that leaves your laundry clean with a subtle, edge.

Our detergent is a special blend of a powerful cleaner and a mix of enzymes, to be extra tough on stain and odors, while remaining designer-label safe and eco-friendly.


FREY is a brand for men, but strives to make a difference for all through our push for change in the perception of household chores, as well as our philanthropy.

If there is someone you think we should check out let us know

Because we believe a man’s actions demonstrate his values, we donate 10% of our net profits to the following organizations:

Designer-label Safe

Whether you spend time meticulously planning every detail of your outfit, or just throw on whatever you can find, clothes can be big part of our personal style, and they aren’t cheap.

The brighteners, whiteners, bleaches, phosphates and other substances found in most detergents are not only harmful to the environment, but to your clothing as well. Over time they change the color of the clothes, eat away at the fabric, and generally shorten the life span of the garment.

FREY eliminates these chemicals while still utilizing a powerful surfactant, lengthening the life span of your garments while still thoroughly cleaning them.

A longer life span for you clothing means money AND time saved looking for new clothing. You can keep that favorite shirt even longer than before.


In designing FREY, we wanted a product that would not just positively affect the lives of our customers, but the world around us. Helping to preserve the enviroment is important to us.

FREY is an envirnomentally-friendly product. Without all of the brighteners, whiteners, phosphates, bleaches, and other chemicals found in most standard detergents, FREY is one of the best options for an eco-friendly detergent.

Laundry Plans

Who enjoys the last-minute run to the grocery store because they are out of clean clothing and out of detergent?

Save time and hassle with our Laundry Plans- detergent regularly shipped straight to your door, based on how often you do laundry.

Promoting Gender Equality

The detergent industry, amongst many other industries, is clearly genderized and outdated. Almost every product is explicitly tailored towards women, stemming from an era we, as a society, have outgrown. FREY offers men a laundry product of their own. In doing so hope to help break down stereotypes about who should do which household chores.


TJusnow says:

They don’t sell 36 load capacity anymore?

James Haning says:

I want to try and tried the Santos25 and says invalid? Can you confirm as happy to use so you get credit! Thanks!

Jehoshaphat Johnston says:

I got a sample from my sprezzabox. Thanks for this review man.

Florida Railfanningkid says:

do they have there own fabric softener

Michael R says:

Tattoos are disgusting and this idiot should learn how to speak

Felicia 1122 says:

came here bc I saw it on tv

jason Esquite says:

I’ve been late on some comments huh lol .

Yuri Pandher says:

Good review, very natural, keep up the good work.

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