Huge Cleaning Supplies Haul! | Mrs.Meyers, Method, Seventh Generation

Hi friends! I have a huge cleaning supplies haul!
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Method Ginger Yuzu Squirt Mop
Mrs. Meyers Apple Cider Spray
Seventh Generation Detergent Free & Clear
Method Toilet Cleaner
Method Lemon Mint Foam Refill
Method Sea Minerals Foam Refill
Method Sweet Water Foam Refill
Method Sea Mineral Foam Hand Soap
Method Green Tea Aloe Foam Hand Soap
Method All Purpose Lime Spray
Method Lime Dish Soap
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dish Soap
Method Spearmint Sage Squirt Mop
Mrs.Meyers Clean Day Baby Blossom Laundry Detergent
Acure Under Eye Hydrogel
Hello Charcoal Toothbrush
Radius Floss
Alba Botanicals Acne Dote Scrub
Preserve Kids Toothbrush
Radius Baby Toothbrush
3 Pack Microfiber Cloths
Dish Towel
Babyganic Hand Sanitizer
Babyganic Toy High Chair Wipes
Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
Bamboo Tissue
Babo Botanical Body Wash
Method Body Wash White Tea
Bath Bombs
Method Laundry Detergent Fresh Air
Dr.Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitizer
Grove Blood Orange Hand Sanitizer
Hello Charcoal Mouth Wash
Grove Orange & Rosemary Cleaning Concentrate
Hello Kids Watermelon Mouthwash
Tom’s Silly Strawberry Toothbrush
Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers

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cedarneohn says:

Hi April! You mentioned you have 3 cats, do you have any secrets to share on getting off cat urine & their smell?? Thanks!

Esmeralda Deleon says:

I was just going to order but they are completely out of the Apple cider ones and I love love that one. So in will just wait

jubby89 says:

Hi April! I use to use the method all purpose cleaning spray for everything! But I found a local plane base company in BC, Canada that makes sprays that SMELL SO FRESH! It’s called Saperdilla. The mint and rosemary counter top spray is LIFE! It smells like you are diffusing essential oils. Just don’t use it on mirrors!

Jean Greenhagen says:

I love how excited you are about cleaning! I am the same way lol

Making it Mcgee says:

I loved your Mrs Meyers, Method and Seventh Generation haul…. I want to try those scents I just ordered my first time from Grove Collaborative.. I still have to do a haul on it check out my channel… Love you guys and love your channel stay blessed….

Karen Mackay says:

You have the best cleaning video’s

Mufaro k says:

Hey I love your videos I was wondering what camera do you use?

mizellecherry says:

We dont have ginger and yuzu scent. In my country the sell the lemon scented floor cleaner. But i love the sage n spearmint scent. Got it for method malaysia site

niki niki says:

I totally agree with you on pumpkin scent of mrs Mayer all purpose cleaner. I am not a big fan of it either.

sandy oo says:

Yay I love it thank you!!!! Wish there was a loved button hahah. Do you think the floor cleaner would work well on fake wood floors?

Haylie Wilkerson says:

I have the Hello charcoal toothpaste and it has helped whiten my teeth so much. I love it.

Roxanne Alexandra says:

Your just the sweetest ♥️

Inky X Kitsune says:

They sell the refill for the green tea+aloe hand soap on vitacost!!

Stacy Castro says:

Thanks for introducing me to some new products!

Susie Alcantar says:

I love your videos…!!

Janett Fuentes says:

Oh my goodness! I also get super excited about cleaning products! So excited to see more natural cleaning products out there! I’m definitely gonna have to try some of these!

rhun Mhendoza says:

I really like method in floor!!! Its so amazing!!!

Brenna Marie says:

love it! love supporting fellow youtubers!

Lea Cedeno says:

April , I’m going to get everything for my cleaning house

Little Lamb says:

Aww but Mrs.Meyers doesn’t ship to europe or scandinavia 🙁

Little Ry says:

Love you April

Kimberly Le says:

There is a squirt and mop in the almond scent and it’s amazing!!!!!! Love the scent!

kyatiabebe says:

I wasn’t a big fan of the seventh generation wipes it left lint on my daughter so I stopped using which is weird it’s never done that, and the overnight diapers honest is waaayyy seventh generation didn’t hold up through the night

Mitchell and Serina says:

I love your look in this video! The combo of your hair, makeup, and sweater looks so cozy!

Little Bear says:

I LOVE the method concentrated laundry detergent in the scent i believe it’s sea breeze?

NaturalJam22 says:

I love learning about the products. I gave two cats and one dog

MrsChas07 says:

I have to agree with the pumpkin scent. I used it to clean and my husband was complaining it smelled like curry lol

Michelle Sunshinestar says:

Listerine is the best according to my dentist. she said to use the purple one because it’s the only one with fluoride. Are you against fluoride too? I was already using the purple one. What is it with parents not using fluoride?

Michelle Sunshinestar says:

Are you going to have your kids clean a lot? My mom never did that. My grandpa was a dentist, he probably would not recommend the charcoal toothbrush. Interestingly I once went somewhere that had people from Yesteryear. The used charcoal for cleaning there teeth, so it’s interesting, I like to think we (I can’t think of the word), but I hope we have improved. Evolved is the word I was thinking of.

Ashley Holley says:

New subscriber 😀 I don’t love cleaning but I do love organizing and would love to love cleaning the same way. Your amazing personality is so motivating & inspiring! You go girl! Loving you channel <3

Fayeth Gomez says:

You are so adorable! Love your videos.

Karen Villanueva says:

GURLLLLL! Obsessed! Love your videos <3

Reham Othman says:

April your hair looks beautiful and shiny

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