Is it Worth a Buck? LA’s Totally Awesome Oxygen Cleaner – Dollar Tree Product Review | VEDA Day 24

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Queli Kingz says:

use the la totally awesome degreaser and it’ll come right out

emily schofield says:

Gabby is a cutie!

Kelly Locke says:

I actually have good luck with this product but I use it as a wet spray presoak. it got food coloring out of a very pricy Easter dress.

Abby Lowe says:

I dont think you used this correctly.

Erin Myers says:

This is the best stain remover we have found for white baseball pants!! Soak them in hot water with 2 scoops of awesome and then wash. They are good as new!! And it’s only $1!!!!!

Ammo Man says:

I’m thinking you can do better with a simple, cheap box of Borax. Works great and has been around since the beginning of time.

deloverable months says:

Thanks for the review.

maxandshoji says:

Thanks for the review!!

Linda H says:

Oxy cleaners are the best for food stains and blood.

YANAMization says:

you have to scrub a little. dduuuhh

Kip Paseo says:

I have found the AWESOME OXYGEN stuff to work VERY well when using 2 scoops and soaking in my “top loader” over night.I have very fluffy hotel style white towels that always come out bright white and not yellowed like with bleach. It’s also great to clean mildew  tile grout and patio furniture. Other than the LA Awesome oxy stuff I agree that the rest of their cleaning line is total crap.

Shelia Ricketts says:

she was pointing to the fabric softener tray in the washer. if she added it there it would not have been in the main wash, but in the rinse. of course that would not have worked.

Aurora Henderson says:

I stopped watching the video after 2minutes. You use this cleaner as laundry powder, and in replace of the bleach.

Jack McGowan says:

This is a very boring video and it is also very weird

reneyc723 says:

Thank you for these reviews!!!  They are so useful.

Nicole Glowacki says:

I find it works best if I use it as a paste.

beatitkidnow says:

this product doesn’t work for me either

roxanne montuoro says:

It has been working great for me. I am rehabbing a vintage nightgown!!

Trisha Chasteen says:

If you want a challenge try nail polish.

David Hinson says:

Need to agitate it more

Pamela BH says:

Great video! I buy this and the Awesome Orange cleaner, and I have found that you need to use TWO scoops, not one as they instruct, in order to get out all of the stains…with me, anyway. So, for a dollar, I’m still making out even though I’m using double the amount. 🙂

Toms Friend Kake says:

The best way to get makeup out of fabric is Dawn Dish Detergent. Most makeups have a petroleum base, therefore you need to use a surfactant in order to loosen the petroleum molecules. Oxyclean, and similar products, is sodium percarbonate, an adduct of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. It breaks down into oxygen and water in the washing cycle. And Borax is sodium tetraborate decahydrate, a water softener, and behaves similarly to hydrogen peroxide in the wash cycle. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent.

So it really isn’t the fact that the product you were using was from the dollar store, it’s that you weren’t using the right product to clean the right stains. Even name brand oxy-cleaners wouldn’t have done well on the makeup. And to get those deep set stains out of your upholstery, you would probably need to steam clean those.

April Ross says:

Hey girlie. Normally I don’t post comments but love love love to watch y’all. Just wanted to put my two cents in regarding this product or any type of “oxy”cleaner. … My family is very allergic.. So just start slow and small. I was so excited about this stuff that I washed everything in the house with it. I always double rinse too but ohhh nooo. The next day I itched all over and my baby got a rash over his entire body. I was so scared. Being that your skin is your largest organ, even a benadryl cream could gave been too much for the baby to help the irratation. The directions on benadryl cream even says not to use on large areas on the skin.!!!! Yeah. So just be cautions like you have been and i wish you nothing but blessings. BTW I agree with the baby powder. It does have its places of use but try not to fluff it up in the air. I use it just on the legs to keep dry and out side of the diaper. Good luck you guys.

queenie_the_virgo says:

I love this i got some very yellow tshirts white again it’s awesome.

trance212 says:

You need to pre-treat stains directly

02sabretooth says:

Nothing didn’t clean because you did everything wrong. Where does it say to put power in a liquid bleach compartment? Why would you put your detergent in the fabric softener compartment when that gets released in the rinse cycle? Geeezzzz. If you read the manual to your washer it says to put these products directly into the tub. Then do everything else as normal.

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