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Freddy Capu says:

Hello sasha, that particular Tide comes from eastern europe (Romania,Serbia, Albania and so forth) , and yes, over there stuff costs less, and USD being anyway a stonger currency than what they have over there can purchase them for less, but that’s not the main reason in this case…. wholesalers and suppliers of dollar stores “found” this business of  importing foreign Tide branded stuff  because in US Tide is expensive and  a  very famous brand, overrated in my opinion, anyway they sells these foreign ones hoping people don’t notice the difference and  or that buy them just for their name thinking Tide is same everywhere, same happens with the vietnamese one you also find in dollar stores, the eastern european one is not the same stuff of american Tide and over there Tide is a second choiche brand actually and is also less concentrated….the leading brand comparable to what Tide is in the US  is Ariel, and so is in most of Europe, with a few exceptions like italy where leading one is Dash and ariel doesn’t exist… if not just in the handwash version, “ariel a mano”  that I use at times….
Even though that Tide  could possibly be just as good as Tide is in the US, I strongly doubt it… i personally never tried this handwash version of eastern european Tide  so can’t speak…but just the low foam version (Tide  absolute automat, google it) and it  sucked, not at all comparable to US Tide or whatever acceptable to me….   the package you got is the version for hand wash, note the hand in the left bottom corner (in erurope “regular” detergents are all low sudsing, they are  all “HE”, because over there they historically had the prevalence  of those crappy front loaders and this  for many  historical  and economical reasons,  (mainly because they’re cheaper to run and given the high cost of electricity to heat the water over there they had to use them, this is the kind of machine you mostly find in europe even though they don’t give clothes as clean as top loaders do,  that’s why I imported my machine from the US…but that’s another matter..) anyway powders for hand wash are just the same of the regular…so ” non-HE/low suds”  powders in US, so are high sudsing, the regular powders (for automatic washers and not for washing by hand) instead are all low sudsing/ HE…..and are even less concentrated of the handwash version…

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

We usually see it in the Dollar Stores in the inner city or very small supermarkets in the surrounding area’s.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Thank you so much Teka Tenacious. I appreciate so much that you subbed to my channel and i will sub right back to you.

dutch971 says:

That is “real” Tide. It might not clean as well depending on where it’s from. Some countries don’t use washing machines. They still wash by hand. The mixture of detergents might be adjusted to account for hand washing or different washing machines. Some of the other country’s Tides might smell more fragrant than other countries.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Thank you so much for your support pinkneenee, I will sub back to you also.

aaron says:

hello what dollar store did you find it in I am in Columbus ohio thanks

TaMekka LaChonne says:

Retrodivajones sent me new subbie to u sis be bless

Diabando Guzman says:

From my experience the imported Tide that comes from India is far superior than the filler and perfume heavy version we get. No residues or heavy perfumes and nothing especially the crappy liquids has matched the Indian tide. I use it as a booster for that cool aid crap they load on to us and aging the results are superior. Weight for weight I buy 10 packs and I’m good for a few months.

СРБИЈА says:

How u cant read label on package???? U have drawing with needed quantity of detergent!!! I cant belive…..Even u added hilarious small amount of detergent…Washer take 50 liters of water and u added 5 grams of detergent. If u want good results add 100 grams per load. Read pictures on pack label. In Serbia where is Tide production for South Europe we dont use Tide because its for us low quality detergent with high cost advertise. We dont use this crap of detergent.
Seems in States u dont have nothing beside Tide nd that is sad….

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

I live in the New york City Tri State area and you can usually find it in the Dollar stores in the Inner City and the small Supermarkets carry it, but in the Supermarket it is packaged in a plastic wrapping. The last time i went to the store; they even had the Tide Pods, with five in the package for $1.39. That is a good deal!

Robert Goodman says:

One thing I can recommend is to NOT use the recipes for homemade laundry detergent. Everywhere I see similar recipes promoted that are heavy on alkali (borax & washing soda), some extremely so, the remainder being soap. They’re cheap because the alkali are cheap, but you can expect them to decrease fabric life. If you wanted to make good homemade, it would be mostly soap with only a little alkali, but you won’t save much money that way.

Jay Sia Hermes Coeus says:

It looks like Tide indeed, price difference probably based off economy in other countries. Similar to buying international cell phones cheaper from another country than in USA :O Glad it works just as good as regular Tide, not the same smell but that’s a small caveat for the price 🙂

jammer894 says:

Where have all the suds gone in my laundry detergent???? Let me Guess! an entire SHIth load of people started calling P&G SAYING” I’m getting tired of this tide Laundry Soap,it seems that every time a load of clothes is washed at our house we get a damn tub with ‘well” suds in it!! (what’ll be next at $15 dollars a bottle, they’ll be clean! for real people what’ll be next, clothes that you just brush the dirt off of!! someone please tell me. I remember back in the 70’s (I think it was Phosphate’s or something that was killing fish and giving the rest of us cancer….. I obvious don’t know what’s going, But this rainy ass summer has been crappy enough, could we please at least get the soap back in to our Laundry……………..Thanks Jammer!

Jody says:

I have never seen this at the dollar store. I would love to get my hands on some of the detergents from Vietnam or other countries. I do use Ariel from Mexico. It is excellent because it has phosphates still.

11111Liamy says:

That looks like Eastern European Tide (Tide isn’t sold in Western Europe UK/Spain etc)

Frank Nagy says:

sometimes the foriegn tide is much better, as it still contains phosphates, something US detergents haven’t used in over 20 years.  It works like the tide we used thirty years ago, and it dissolves much better even in ice water.  Many countries use phosphates in laundry detergent, and somehow they get snuck into the US.  I once bought chinese Tide, i never tried a better product in years.  US detergents do NOT clean as well as they used to, i’ve never had problems with dissolving, but we have very soft water from lakes in maine, not hard wellwater.  Seems since they banned phosphates i hear about how powder does not dissolve.  If you can find foriegn laundry products, always get them you will be very happy with them

Americanwasherfan says:

hey i use the same product its acually the best detergent you can get in Poland but our detergent named VIZIR.
your box of tide is acutally from Russia
and its made for european machines that use less water then the Traditional U.S toploader so the smell of our clothes after this detergent is amzing strong after washing with this detergent.
and the reason why the detergent is so cheap
in East europa people don’t earn so much money like im the U.S

btw. this kind of detergend in could water softner

RetroDiva Jones says:

Ive never seen that brand of Tide Wow $1.29 wish I could find!!!

Witchy Princess says:

Retrodiva jones sent me

G&G Concept says:

Try this if you are looking for Tide Laundry detergent supplier from Vietnam

floydefisher says:

Which dollar store did you buy that at?

Lori Adams says:

I remember old Tide boxes in the US looking like that. The US has different regulations than other countries, as far as ingredients go. Maybe that’s the difference?

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

This is true Jay. The Dollars stores are getting these for a little of nothing and the good thing is that they are passing on the savings to the consumers.

DanielMessiGod99 says:

Don’t add soo much soap….

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