Laundry detergents: Pod or powder? | Consumer Reports

Pods and packs are the latest thing in laundry detergents. Consumer Reports tests found most aren’t the best at cleaning. Looking for new appliances? Consumer Reports has expert Ratings and reviews on kitchen and home appliances:


William1st says:

I’ll stick to All. The new All with stainlifters oxi powercore pacs are better than the mighty pacs used here.

sohandsome says:

I ‘m having itchy rash and hives after using tide pods for my clothes , at first I didn’t know what caused it, then I searched online and found many other users had the same problem.

amesavis says:

the pods and classic downy, you can’t beat that!

jonajs98 says:

It says at the top “pod or powder.”

Goru Minosyan says:

I love Consumer Reports!

I bought Tide Pod 57 packs 4 months ago and still have 15 left. It is a great deal.

Eric Boyles says:

Get the cheap stuff. I mean…think about it. Who’s inspecting your skid marks an inch away from they’re eyes??

Arie Moldvan says:

The Kirkland Pods from Costco are better!!

Elias Bardis says:

tide pods don’t dissolve. every load that I use those damn pods I have to hand scrub the remnants off my clothes.

trexmobile1 says:

save your money and make your own!

Doug Doug says:

Why is he putting the powder on top of the clothes at the end of the video? I put the powder in the water. Maybe you are doing it wrong?

fleipeg says:

My wife and I have used Amway’s SA8®+BIOQUEST® Concentrated Detergent for years and we love it. Nothing we’ve bought in the stores has ever come close.

DJEddieXZ says:

We’ve been using tide powders since I was a kid in our Kenmore front loader…what are y’all talking about??

Doug Doug says:

More people have skin reactions to Tide than any other detergent.

Gabbo! says:

I tend not to use pods largely because they are more expensive and some but not all brands come in a non recyclable plastic bag.

Consumer Reports says:

Thanks douglasman100. We changed the title!

Eli g says:

tide is too expensive

whatmarc says:

I tried to purchase the Target brand up&up powder, but my local Targets only carry the liquid.

michelle kearsey says:

don’t use purex, tide is way better

O Chenault says:

Tide is the best out of all brands

Gold Pepe says:

Is ride ultra bleach only for whites ?

Ken Dire says:

The Target Up and Up Ultra Advanced cleaning formula is very good.  I am very happy with it.

acche2 says:

only for High Efficiency? What? I thought that only means the detergent works in Cold water… no?

Zubair Ashraf says:

Love your reports. Hope you make all your reviews on your website free of subscription

4gasem says:

Can you do this on dish washer detergents? My wife uses the pods for it.

AF_ Bunny says:

I would use the powder Tide if I had my own washing machine. But for ease of transport to the laundry mat I find the pods to be the easiest.

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