Lemi Shine Product Review & Giveaway

Lemi Shine Product Review & Giveaway- http://www.lemishine.com

In this video I complete a product review on the Lemi Shine line of products. There is also a giveaway being announced in this video. All of the giveaway requirements are outlined in the video.

Disclaimer: Lemi Shine did send me these products for free to review and provide my opinion. My review of this product is my honest opinion of the product. -Nikki

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Vic says:

I have recently started to use lemi shine, and it really does a great job.

Jello Bean says:

i have tried the dishwasher cleaner and i thought it worked rather well. Im interested in any other products you might let me try 🙂

Jazmine Mannery says:

I have never heard of this company but the review was great. Could really tell the difference. Where I live we have hard water and this would keep the stains off of my dishes. Would love to try this! Thank you!

lindsey smith says:

No, I have never even heard of Lemi Shine! Looks like a great product as I could clearly see the difference between the 2 glasses. I bet it smells good too : )

Nadia Ayuyu says:

I have not used lemishine but would love to try it!

dgmans76 says:

I have never used this product but put it on my shopping list to try out! Thanks for sharing!

Keturah Gable says:

I have used Lemi Shine for a couple of years and LOVE it! I would love to win this give away 🙂

Shalome Westberg says:

I have used the liquid rinse aid. Would love to try the appliance cleaner one!

Felicia K says:

I have never used LemiShine. Recently I have had problems with my dishwasher leaving behind debris on my wine glasses. I tried all my tricks and finally put out a help request on FB. A friend of mine recommended LemiShine. I wish now I would have tried it.

Ashley Maclin says:

I have not used Lemi Shine before but I have seen it on multiple DIY cleaning blogs and have been interested in trying this product line out for some time.

gr8fulgirl7 says:

I’d be thrilled to try this product!

supercakes1998 says:


sassyfamuan says:

This is the first time I’ve heard of the Lemi Shine product line. I would like to try these products.

Mary E says:

I saw the difference with the Lemi Shine right away also. It looked much more clear and your other glas looked like their was a cloudy film. I think I’ll check it out. We have well water so this should provide a big difference.

Julia Stevenson says:

I’ve seen their products (the original one, anyway) in Target, but haven’t tried it. I would love to try their products out – we have hard water where I live and it’s so hard to keep dishes clean & shiny while taking care of my machines.

yany diaz says:

I have never heard of this brand or have tried their products. But would love to try it since the results of your test turned out well.

Donna Pratt says:

Hi Nikki, I have never heard of this product but I could tell the difference in the glasses immediately!

AnenInc says:

I’ve never used Lemi Shine nor heard of their products but I loved how shiny the glass came out using the product.

January Banning says:

I use lemishine in my homemade dishwasher cleaner.

Jared Goodman says:

I recently started using the lemishine rinse agent but have never tried the rest of the products. I will be trying them now though! I have glasses that are really old that have lots of hard water built up. I can’t wait to try these products.

HomeschoolLifestyle says:

I have never used Lemi Shine but noticed the difference and would love to try the products.

Courtney Greer says:

i have never used lemi shine but i would love to try it.

FeeFeesPlace says:

Never used or heard of Lemi Shine, but would love to try it; please enter me in the giveaway.

Sasha Steel says:

glass A lemi shine
i saw it right away , great product

sharon cresenzi says:

Have not seen this brand but would love to try it!

sexyellex says:

Hi Nikki! No, I have never tried Lemi Shine but I would like to. The results from your test was intriguing.

Danielle Greathouse says:

I never use this product but would love to try~

VoluptuousLocks says:

These products are new to me and I would love too how they work in person. Thanks for the review.

Mason Leskowitz says:

I’ve seen it in the store, but haven’t used it yet. Nikki, you do a great review – very thorough and fair and clear. Keep it up!

3bboys70 says:

I have never tried Lemi Shine, but would love to.

Netta Solomon says:

I have never used Lemi Shine products. The product test Nikki did has convinced me to try them. Thanks Nikki.

S Kennedy says:

I haven’t used Lemi Shine but i’ve seen it around. I’d love to try this product especially as a new SAHM I kinda have no idea what i’m doing lol

girlsinpinkbows says:

I have VERY HARD WATER and it always left a dense chalk white film on my dishes especially anything plastic.  Lemi Shine solved my problem!!!  Now I buy the cheapest bulk powder dish detergent and just add lemi shine.  The flawless results I now get from my dishwasher was never achieved using high priced name brand detergent packs alone.

Andrew Arnott says:

My area has very had water. I have been using Lemi Shine in my dishwasher for about a year now. It not only makes the dishes sparkle but it also cleaned the hard water buildup in my dishwasher. I really recommend this product if you live in an area with hard water.

Lastin Impressions says:

I never used their products and would like to be entered into your drawing.

Deborah Everton says:

Oh my gosh, Nikki…this is just what I’ve been looking for! I recently moved to an area with super hard water and my glassware needs to be re-washed when I take it out of the dishwasher. I’m putting this on my shopping list.

Pam I says:

I have never used LemiShine but would like to try their products. I could tell right away which glass had been washed with LemiShine as it was much shinier than the other.

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