This video is a massive cleaning product haul! I spent over $400 worth on cleaning products on my favorite website where I get products to clean my house! I hope you all enjoy seeing everything I got this time! I am so excited to be using all of these products really soon! Look out for them in my clean with me videos!

Here is where I get ALL my cleaning products:
Here is the equipment that I use in making my videos:
Canon 80D:
Canon 18-55mm lens:
Sigma 30mm lens:
Canon G7X:
Apple MacBook Pro:
Final Cut Pro Software:
SunPak Tripod:
Limo Softbox Lighting:
Ring Light:
(Amazon Affiliate Links)
These are some products that I get asked about a lot:
My Dyson Vaccuum:
Julie’s Quilt:

Mailing Address: PO Box 12, Olivia NC, 28368
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Olivia Sloan says:

Does grove ship to the uk?

Christel Nance says:

I use those Seventh Generation pads because I’m allergic to the chemicals in regular ones. I’ve only bought them from Whole Foods. They really are great!

Jamie Dickinson says:

I just ordered some of those products

Jeanette Kopp says:

I just purchased the Mrs Meyers Iowa pine multi purpose spray, love love, also the orange clove hand soap. I am loving these products. I tried too go on the website you have listed , it won’t let me. it might be my connection.

Jana Porter Iniguez says:

I am looking into starting with Grove as I buy these products anyway; however their website doesn’t have some of the scents you mention (apple cider, mum, or any of the Caldera products). :-9

Marie-Pierre Robidas says:

Currently binge watching your videos, and I was just thinking I like those night time kind of videos! Thanks for sharing ox

Janet Postell says:

Tangelo is tan/gel/o. It is a fruit that is partly a tangerine and pomelo. I believe they call them honey bells at the grocery store. What a great cleaning product haul!

Heather Davis says:

I love all mrs. Meyers everything

Holly Zeger says:

Can you do more grove hauls!? Love this one!

jackandjill440 says:

Add essential oils to unscented hand soap.

Lisa Brown says:

Waiting for my first order, thank you for the link!

Neil and Michelle Belk says:

these are great products, or at least I know the Mrs. Mayers is, only bc my daughter uses it, I was going to buy some, but it MUCH MORE expensive then even Dawn, if you are on a VERY tight budget like we are, these cleaning supplies just aren’t in our budget unfortunately, BTW, my maiden name is Hickman, I have fam in NC, I am from MS, but my Hickman side originated from Arknsas, love your videos, and your fam is gorgeous, what is Justin doing now? I saw you said he isn’t firefighting anymore? I know you are glad to have him home!! 🙂

Life On Coffee says:

I’m so glad I saw this video! It’s time for me place another Grove order and I will definitely be getting some of these items you showed, can’t wait to try!!

Kay Harvill says:

I LOVE Clean Mama’s website- check her out. She got me hooked on Murchison-Hume cleaning products, and I love them!

Ashleigh Firman says:

So I used your link. Order arrived today. I love it!! Thank you!!

Smaraki Samantaroy says:

Love these chatty videos with you Meg. It’s like hanging out with friends and talking about the best things in the world

Heather Montez says:

Ok Meg. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Grove. I just signed up and it’s all your fault. (I’m super excited about it)
Btw i love your channel

Wendy Taverner says:

Hi Meg , I found your videos a few months ago , I’ve been looking for new cleaning products and I’ve just ordered my first lot of method cleaning products. Thankyou you inspire me and keep me motivated xx

Carly Streny says:

I wasn’t a fan of the method bathroom cleaner! But I love so many other method products so I have to agree everyone has different preferences with cleaning. The lime and sea salt is awesome. My other new favorite scent is the ms Meyers basil!

Savannah Smith says:

Was just looking at your camera details. Me and my boyfriend are thinking about starting a YouTube channel. Does the tri-pod work for both cameras?

Michelle Bradley says:

Ok the method detergent is the BEST but I have to say I hated it with the fabric softener. It’s just perfect without the softener.

Annalise Lozo says:

Can you please do a video explaining grove collaborative I’m nervous about starting with grove and I want to know more

Vickie Dedmon says:

I love love love your channel! You are so genuine and sweet!

JustASouthernWife says:

Wow! Makes me want to clean!

Melanie S says:

You could add some essential oils to the unscented soap or mix some with the other soap to make it go a little farther.

kristy locklear says:

I bought a sample size of the orange method laundry detergent and I love it! I love that. Caldrea as well

Alicia Una Ryan says:

When cleaning products leave your home smelling nice, it’s always motivation to keep a clean home. Are you going to do a follow up video, after using the products?
Greetings from Kathu, South Africa

Claudia Santos says:

Can I order from another country? I live in Ireland. can anyone help me please?

My Vegan Life says:

Meg! Have you ever tried attitude products? Meyers is not actually as natural as they say, sadly 🙁 maybe try attitude products out, I know it’s important to you and when I found out about Meyers products being toxic I was so sad! 🙁 happy to find attitude though! Check out EWG cleaning website. They will tell you what natural products are actually natural.

philly79westchester says:

I hated the method. Stainless steel. I use method regular cleaners and just bought mrs Meyers for the first time yesterday at target
The only thing that works on my stainless steel is coconut oil

Kellie Smith says:

You can take the Mrs.Myers Apple Cider dish soap and put it inside a clean spray bottle with some water and you have an all-purpose spray!

Carly Streny says:

I only use seventh generation pads! They are amazing. Other pads used to leaving smelly and feeling gross and these don’t do that!!

carolynne milmine says:

Taking your makeup off in bed lol. I so do that!!

Casandra Fisher says:

I live in NC as well. Just ordered from grove for the first time. How long does it take to usually get your order

Anna Rucinski says:

Add essential oils to the unscented products! Fragrance in products is actually quite bad because companies don’t have to tell you what they put in the product to create the scent.

Kayla Zalansky says:

Try adding essential oils to the unscented hand soap.

Brandy Osentoski says:

Just curious how you store all of your cleaning supplies and keep them organized?

Malia w. says:

i just stated groove collabitve. should be getting my first box soon. i am really excited to start cleaning with the products.

Gabriela Richardson says:

I love all your videos

Savannah Smith says:

Also, I can’t wait to try some of these products for cleaning!

Kelly Beechen says:

Which cleaner do you use on your microwave; since it has glass and stainless steel.

Tessa Miller says:

Seventh Generation is more scent free. But they have some dish soaps that are scented. I have tried the orange but my favorite is lilac and mint or lavender and mint. I can’t remember which one It is. But I feel Mrs. Myers dish soap does so much better

Sarita von weidtz says:

Hi Meg! You are beautiful inside and out!! We love you!

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