I have been asked several times over the past couple of months which dish soap is better, Method or Mrs. Meyer’s. So, I decided to test it out today. I hope you enjoy this comparison video.

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Mrs. Meyer’s vs. Method Dish Soap | Which Dish Soap is Best?

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The Magnificent Montroys says:

Your best video yet. I can see this being a theme – comparison videos are so helpful. Keep it going!

Lori McMahan says:

I’m thinking for me, the smell would be the winner for me. Meaning I would switch to the method, however if I didn’t like the smells of the method, I would probably go back to my favorite scent of Mrs.Myers. Thanks for doing this!

Gilda Meraz says:

Yes compare to Dawn please!

Arose4me says:

I’d love to see the comparison with dawn. I did sign up for grove and I used your link, but for some reason someone else seems to be getting the credit for it. I’m not sure how that happened…

rose609 says:

I am glad you did the comparison I just ordered the method dish soap

Greyson Home says:

Wow, you were meticulous about every single aspect. You even remembered to make the water hot before beginning. Thank you. And Yes, more comparison videos, great idea! Diane

Cindy White says:

I’m not sure if this test was fair because on the method side, you had skinny strips of mustard but on the Mrs. Meyer side, you had super thick strips so I don’t think this was an accurate test – just say’n…

Emily Kira says:

I use Dawn and would appreciate the comparison video. I really wanted Mrs. Meyer’s to win because I am such a sucker for pretty packaging. LOL! I still hope to try out some of the Mrs. Meyer’s products.

Sarena Christensen says:

Can you do a comparison between dawn and method but you also try seventh generation?

Blessed in 95 says:

I would like to see the Dawn vs. Method comparison!
Thank you for the work that you do! I really enjoy your videos!!

Courtney Hartwell says:

I am so for a dawn vs. method video!

Angie Payne says:

Yes please! I use the regular blue Dawn and I would be interested to see if Method is better or not.

Courtney Hartwell says:

I could really tell your a teacher during this video. The scientific method was great! The method definitely seemed to work better. You could tell you were getting frustrated scrubbing at the Mrs. Meyers.

Espy White says:

Great video now I know which one to purchase ❤️I have the Method multipurpose spray

Brittany Sharp says:

Great job! I love the comparison. I am also a Dawn lover but use both of these too. I think I’ll have to avoid getting anymore Mrs. Meyer’s. Please do the Dawn video.

Kathy Tyson says:

I loved this video! Great Job!

Arianna Eagar says:

Would love to see the glass cleaner comparison method vs mrs Myers and maybe windex? Thank you for the comparison on dish soaps!

Christy G. says:

Fun video! I loved it. You are so thorough too. Great video!!

Gayla Pappenfoht says:

Lolol… Stop doing these. I want to like Mrs. Meyers more! (I am just kidding!) This was interesting.

Rae Anna says:

I alternate between method and Mrs. Meyers based on seasonal scents, I just cant resist. (I also still have a bottle of dawn under my sink for super greasy emergencies haha)

Tina Grady says:

Watching comparison 2nd order will order method something

CoffeeAndCraftin' Mama says:

I’ve always wondered about Method vs Mrs Meyers! I was expecting Mrs Meyers to win! Although I use Dawn Platinum, (and I know you said you’d use original Dawn), I’d love to see that video!

TopChelsea Girl says:

This was a really good comparison, very thorough. Yes, please do more comparisons.

Bonnie F says:

If you order the method refil from Grove you can save money too. I would have preferred a grease test on plastic as that is the ultimate test for dish soaps. I have found them similar myself. I buy the seasonal Mrs meyers and then the method refills in between.

Fyi biodegradable refers to the soap not the bottle. It is supposed to break down in the water and be less dangerous for the environment. They often recommend you use biodegradable soap when camping.

Alexandra De Martini says:

I’ve noticed that when there’s Mrs. Myers in the house, the dishes don’t always get completely clean, so I use Method now. They also sell a big refill bag that’s when cheaper. I do think Mrs Meyes smells better, but at the end of the day, clean dishes are most important. Thanks for the video, it’s confirmed my hunch.

Marijane says:

Yes, I have been using dawn for years but have been recently using method and mrs. Meyers after joining Grove Collaborative. Would be interested in seeing Dawn put up against Method and Mrs. Meyers. We get a pretty good price on a large dawn at Costco that lasts a long time.

Michelle Cockrum says:

I use Method and I love it for all my dishes

SillyMando2008 says:

I enjoy both of these

racquel carter says:

I like the Method products better

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