Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Detergent in Honeysuckle + Laundry Room Tour | Natural Home with Jennifer

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Sara Buch says:

Geranium scent laundry detergent is Aaaaaahhhhhhmazing!!!!!

Lisset Sanchez says:

I am going to try this scent. I have never used Mrs. Meyer’s for laundry. TFS!​

Gladys P says:

Scent as well as family rituals and music make a lasting imprint in your memory which can invoke warm and not so warm memories. I totally get your creating these positive memories for your family. I too have very fond memories when I smell a certain perfume or hear a certain song and it feels like mom is present.

Mrssupermum says:

This is so disappointing to me as I live in England and I believe that these products are reasonably priced in America,here I can only find them on Amazon and they are quite expensive. The laundry detergent costs £42. And you get 124 washes but that is still so much, it’s 10 times more than you pay for bold. I would love to use this natural detergent but with 9 children inc 5 adult sized, the amount of laundry I do, I cannot afford this. I hope it becomes less expsenive in time.I still loved your elegant video Jennifer. You are a very elegant lady.

DeAnna B says:

I can’t wait to try this. Thanks Jennifer

Inspired by Nikki says:

Hello Jennifer! This was a really lovely video! I like the way you set up your laundry room and that floral ironing board cover is so pretty! Wonderful job on this, thank you for sharing! I have been using the Honeysuckle multi surface cleaner and love it! ~Nikki

Fiona Schwizgebel says:

Hi Jennifer, I must have missed the first part of your video because you mention the brand of your washing machine right away. My apologies for my last comment. 🙂

Pina Pinak says:

Hi Jennifer, I apologize for being off topic here, I was wondering if you please could make a video on how you did your hair for the piano performance with your daughter – I love it. Thank you. Love your videos

monaturenique says:

I love this washer and dryer. I have the same washer and dryer in my home now and going to buy again in my new house. I’m letting my mom keep the one we have since she likes it so much too. Will be trying the laundry detergent soon.

Natasha Orr says:

Thank you for your recommendation of the almond wooden floor cleaner in an earlier post. I love the scent of almond and the method cleaner does not disappoint.

Miss Brittain says:

I love Martha’s wool mix for my clothes. It’s absolutely wonderful for my good wool cardigans and is great for silk and any delicates like lingeries. I love the scent so much I use it for most of my clothes and then for sheets and towels I use an unscented brand for babies. I don’t use fabric softeners, I just put my towels in the dryer when they are still damp to soften them up.

Tj Loutzenhiser says:

my husband has gulf war syndrome where his skin can be ulcerated with chemicals. i have been using Mrs. Meyers for about one year and i have noticed his skin doesn’t get inflamed or ulcerated like it has in the past. he still has flare ups but not like it was.

klmdreams44 says:

I’ve been using soap berries which work well for cleaning but don’t leave a lovely scent. I’m very tempted to try the mrs. Myers. =)

GirlieShoppe says:

Honey Suckle is my favorite Mrs. Meyer’s scent!

fatboybabushka says:

Here is the link to the EWG (Environmental Workers Group) where you can type in any company or cleaner and get information on the how safe or toxic the products are. I searched Molly’s Suds as well as Mrs. Meyers to see how they compared and although I didn’t read about all their products I appreciate all the work this organization does in reporting and grading the various companies for us consumers. Here are the links:

The first one grades Molly’s Suds products and you can read the critieria they use to give a grade. The second one is Mrs. Meyers products. I hope it helps us all in determining which products are safe for your familes.

Fiona Schwizgebel says:

Hi Jennifer, I love the video and all the great information! My washing machine needs to be replaced and I really like yours. 🙂 Would you mind telling me the brand of your washer machine?

the Daily Connoisseur says:

Here is the link to Grove’s July promotion also, please visit my corresponding blogpost for pictures and much more Thank you for joining me today. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for a master bedroom tour! Love, Jennifer

sharon cresenzi says:

I like the lemon verbena or the basil scent!

elizabeth davis says:

Why do you need to keep the window open when you air dry clothes?

Elise Fortin says:

Hello Jennifer. I have been using your recipe for vinegar spray for over a year and simply love it. I saw the Mrs. Meyer carried a vinegar gel product and I was wondering if you were planning to review it in one of your Natural Home cleaning videos. I just love the series! Keep up the good work!

Danson for Joy says:

The aspect of creating a signature scent for our home care is such a lovely idea! I do want to create scent memories for my family relating to the comfort of home. 🙂 It was fun getting a tour of your laundry room – thank you for sharing! 🙂

Betty Guest says:

Hello Jennifer. I want to express how much I appreciate your books and your hard work for us. (I’m just curious because I just purchased the honeysuckle laundry soap – also my favorite scent- yet the soap doesn’t leave my clothes smelling good at all. I’m so surprised and very disappointed) Any suggestions??

kai west says:

This is the only laundry soap my son and his partner use!

Laura Chiaramida says:

I haven’t tried the Mrs. Meyer laundry detergent yet but I have used Method in the Beach Sage scent (fabric softener and dryer sheets as well) and it is quite lovely!! Especially for bedding…so fresh and clean smelling!
Thanks for the review…I will give the Mrs.Meyers a try!

Stephenie Gilmore says:

Because of your new series, I was inspired to try the Mrs. Meyers laundry detergent in the Lemon Verbena scent. I love it! I haven’t tried the fabric softener or the scent booster yet, but now I will.

I was sceptical of natural detergent at first, especially seeing how little I had to use. I have five delightful (but stinky!) kids, and I thought there was no way that little amount of lightly scented detergent would possibly clean my teenage boy laundry as well as the Persil or Tide I had been using. I’m very pleased though. No problems so far. And I love that it’s better for us.

Thanks, Jennifer. I love your channel!

Margo Shipley says:

Jennifer, thank you for inspiring me to use all-natural products in my home! I have been wanting to make the switch for a while, but you inspired me to finally exchange my chemical-laden products for all-natural alternatives. I have been using the Grove Collaborative products for several weeks now and I am loving it. I can’t wait to try this detergent. Thanks again!

fatboybabushka says:

Love your laundry room and how you organized it. As always … you have the best ideas on how to organize and make our working days more efficient.

— — says:

I posted this on another person’s comment but I think it merits getting in the main thread. A independent consumer review site gives this product an F because of the following potential health concerns from the ingredients: developmental and reproductive issues, asthma, and skin irritants. They give brands like tide and all a safer rating. Does anyone know more? Is it just clever marketing for what is essentially an unhealthy product?

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