My Favorite Natural Cleaning Products for the Entire House

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Kasie Gibson says:

Jen, I have solid hardwood oak floors and I use a steam mop only, and it works amazing!

The Glam Life says:

Love the idea of the Crystal Wash balls, but how would you recharge them if you live somewhere like the Pacific Northwest, where we don’t get *any* sun for 3 months during winter? Could you recharge them under a UV nail lamp?

Rita Cymbalista says:

Lucky for you that there’s a Trader Joes in your area.  The closest one to me is 2 hours away.

The OilyCafe says:

I just bought the method Green bottle Love it so far

dl lome says:

Just found your channel and  love your cleaning  methods. The night time cleaning method works great. I’ve tried that in my kitchen and will use that method from now on. I would clean most of my kitchen at night, but will confess, I didn’t always sweep my floors every night. But after watching your videos, I will not go to bed until they and cleaned. I use the Swiffer and Bona cleaner for now.  Thank you for sharing your videos. You are so inspiring!!!!

Jocey R says:

Hi Jen- just went back to this video after you linked it to your recent Q&A. I too have been on the quest for more chemical free cleaning products and love my vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I have also had success using Norwex products especially their cloths. Its a direct sales brand so you can’t buy it in stores but I highly recommend looking into them! Great video-thanks for sharing!

Violet says:

Thank you for this video!! Random question what brand of washer & dryer do you have?

Tono Suwito says:

can I ask for the green spray, use olive oil vinegar and lemon juice is it will become sticky for the furniture?

Nathaniel Aranda says:

I have the same exact vacuum cleaner LOVE IT

Tara Elsey says:

Where are your rugs (in your master bath) from? Thanks!

Heath Mueller says:

Jen I love your videos & you have inspired me to go all natural with my cleaning products. One issue I’ve had is cleaning toilet bowl with vinegar & water staining the brush orange. have you had this issue & any tips? Thanks!

Cara B says:

Highly recommend BONA cleaner and polish for hardwood floors.

SimpleLife says:

Thank you so much for your tips. God bless you Jen

Nymphette89 says:

Another good stain remover is dish soap. I have using it for about 2 years now on stains. Doesn’t matter what brand you use, I have all natural to Dawn, just whatever you have on hand. I put mine into a condiment bottle. You just need a little of soap, like a pea or smaller size and rub it on the stain, you can add a little bit of water for it suds up. I have left the dish soap sitting for days or hours and nothing happens to the clothes. Now I wouldn’t put it on a Silk or something like that.

Evie Burress says:

Where do u get the method products I have never herd of them

Jennifer McSweeney says:

I just made some of your furniture polish today and I have to say it is AWESOME! That was one homemade cleaner I hadn’t tried yet and I am glad that I did. Thanks a bunch!

lena kifayeh says:

I just started watching your cleaning videos and I love them!! I wanted to ask..when cleaning the mirrors with water and vinegar and it comes on wood furniture does it get messed up?

itsmeamanda01 says:

The laundry balls?? do you know is using white vinegar and baking soda in your whites will ruin the balls??

Yvette Givens says:

if you haven’t looked into young living essential oils you must!! I love their thieves cleaner!!!!!!

Gail Mariage says:

I love using vinegar in the rinse cycle. Started using vinegar to soak my youngest son’s cloth diapers in, many years ago. I think I’ve mentioned Norwex antibacterial cloths. They would solve the odor issue. I am just a user, not a consultant. Also, Bon Ami is a great toilet bowl and stainless steel sink cleaner, has no odor and rinses clear and makes things super shiny. The sink requires quite a bit of rinsing.

Marie Walch says:

Hi! I love your videos… do you have any recommendations on cleaning quartz counters? =)

Kirsten Joubert says:

Hi Jen, Thanks for all the cleaning and organizing tips. I was wondering if you have a particular way of cleaning your washing machine. I also have a top-loading high efficiency washing machine and it seems to have a smell and build up around the outer ring. I don’t use fabric softener. I welcome any ideas! Thanks, Kirsten

blushandbashful1 says:

What do you use to wipe your bathroom down with everyday?

Tracie Pond says:

Scrubbies are so fun and easy to make. They work great for all around the home cleaning.

Michele Trotman says:

I agree, I love to add Young Living EO to my cleaning things at home. I used to use the Method brand and did some futher investigating and found that they are not toxic free. They do have some natural components but not totally

meri rivas says:

Nice video! Thank you!!

My Simple Life says:

Can you clean your appliances with vinegar and water?

kimbers 123 says:

this is AWESOME

Long Island Teresa says:

Your floors are gorgeous

belles says:

You are definitely a role model. I really struggle with all the house work, hope your videos will help me.

Julie Kostas says:

Really helpful. Thanks for all that you share with us.

Oksana says:

Jen, does this crystal wash remove stains?

marian B says:

Hi, I don’t have my own machines, but when i’ve used wht. vinegar in my laundry, some of my clothes have faded. Any suggestions?

Neesie L says:

Is the furniture polish u made what you use when you dust around the house?

Judy Sanders says:

Jen, put a couple drops OD dawn dish cleaner in cool water for hardwood floors. Works great

CrimsomGoddess0 says:

Hi Jen, for how long can you use the furniture polish before it goes bad?

dl lome says:

What brand of wood floors do you have?

Cubby Levi says:

Could you please describe the material your friend used in crocheting the scrubbie for your pots and pans? I love to crochet and really want to make some of those. Thank you.

Sara Fernández says:

whait the green tgink is like a broom or a mop??

home orgainizing by Emmi says:

what is the sponge thing called?

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