My review of Aldi Tandil Detergent

I have been using this Laundry Detergent off and on for a while and I am going to start using it instead of the Leading Laundry Detergent because you get more for your money and your clothes are just as bright and clean as that Detergent. I haven’t had to add any All Fabric Bleach or anything with this Detergent. You do not even have to add that much because it is an Ultra Concentrated Detergent. The smell is just fantastic and you will like the quality of this Detergent. Aldi used to sell the powdered version of this Detergent, but I can no longer find this in my area. You can visit my blog at:

Also my other blog: @Sashamoniquetalks


forwardnowdude says:

In Europe Tandil’s liquid detergents are green ( white clothes ) and orange ( color ). The cleaning performance is good but both smell really bad.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

I never knew that Tandil came in those formula’s for the white clothes and then one for the colored clothes. People just don’t know about the quality of these detergents; that is why it is good to try different ones.

Jess Floyd says:

I LOVE the green Tandil so much I will not get anything else! The smell is amazing!

Lisa Warren says:

I love Aldi’s, got there all the time!

Elizabeth Richards says:

Hi Sasha Monique! This is my first time trying Tandil. I usually use the Save A Lot brand. Can you do some reviews on their products? They have Gain, Purex, Extra. and Sun. I also get the Great Value Color Safe Bleach and add it to my detergent. My clothes smell so good. My stains all come out. Hope you can do a review on that product too.

Virginia Williams says:

Aldi trash bags r very good as well and u get a lot for ur money

Mary Barber says:

Thank you for the great review of the Tandil laundry detergent

Aaron Near says:

I think I’m going to make the switch. Thank you for the review – it’s one of the few I can find for Aldi’s brand and it was very helpful.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Hello Jane “Marcela” Doe:  There is no reply button under your comment so I was unable to reply but your comment  was really an eye opener.  Sometimes we go for certain brands when they are manufactured in the same plants. I will remember this when I buy laundry detergent from now on.  I wish you were my neighbor also.

Tam Jonez says:

Yes!! I picked some up the other day. It’s just as good as Tide, but smells way better. You were right on with your review. Thanks

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Yes, it stands right up there with the best in its performance.

Jane Doe says:

80% of Aldi’s products are actually national brands. That’s why many of the labels are the same color/design as the “national brand.” Here’s how it goes down at the factory: “OK, Joe! We’re done running the Tide brand! Time to switch to the Aldi Tandil!.” They stop the line, switch the labels that get slapped on, and then restart. THAT’S IT! 80%, guys, 80%. Thanks, Sasha. You seem very nice. I wish you were my neighbor.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

You are so welcomed.

Jane Doe says:

Hi again SahsaMonique!! I don’t understand about the reply button under my comment (what???), but I wanted to let you and everyone know that Aldi’s itself told me about the 80% figure. I didn’t just whip that up. I had written to Aldi’s asking if their Clancy’s corn chips were really Fritos because THEY TASTE EXACTLY THE SAME, and an Aldi’s person wrote me back and told me she couldn’t tell me (sworn to secrecy, I’m sure), but she was able to let me know that 80% of their products were national brands. I love Aldi’s! And I think it’s so nice that they let their cashiers sit on stools. Why the heck should a cashier stand up? In Europe and Latin American, they ALL sit on stools while they ring people out.

Have a great day!

Kip Paseo says:

It’s like Tide because it’s made by P&G (makers of Tide)

mephx says:

Thanks for that review SashaMonique. I just subscribed to your channel, and going to watch more.  Keep ’em coming.  I appreciate reviews from regular people like the rest of us.

TAC951 says:

I was at Aldi’s today and noticed they have some new kinds of Tandil. A couple of them said, “compare to Gain”. They were in a green bottle. They had them in “Original” scent and I think, “Aloha Fresh”, which is supposed to be comparable to Gain’s “Hawaiian Aloha”. I thought it smelled good. They also had a couple in a white bottle, but I’m not sure what brands they were supposed to be comparable to. They had an unscented one and a lavender scented one. I didn’t get any because I have plenty detergent right now, but I want to try the “Aloha Fresh” one. They also had some Tandil Oxi that is supposed to be like Oxiclean. I did pick up a container of that. I’ve used it in a couple loads, so far. It whitens nicely, but for tough stains, you’ll need to soak in it, just like with Oxiclean.

Gaming Palooza Empire says:

Aldi’s has great stuff… best supermarket in USA.

jabbapop says:

howdy. in my experience this detergent has a pleasant scent, but is unforgiving on sensitive skin. on a positive note, your review gave me the courage to at least give it a try!

InfamousBlonde says:

Loved watching your review! Honest words from a real person. I just bought this last night in CT, $6.99. I always tell people that Aldi is like the Ikea of grocery stores. I’m always down for a good bargain! Have a good one 🙂

Benjamin Scherzer says:

You are such a nice friendly lady! And yes all Aldi brands are good quality!

Sebastian Urbas says:

@Jane “Marcela” Doe
Here in Germany on almost all Aldi products the manufacturer is labeled on the packaging. Almost all chips in German Aldi stores are manufactured by tha biggest German chips manufacturer “Intersnack”. This company is known for their big name brands “funny frisch” and “Chio”. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the chips in American Aldi stores are produced by Frito-Lay.
But normally it doesn’t matter if the products are produced by big name brand companies or by smaller unknown ones. The quality standards of the products are normally set by Aldi. Less known companies can produce at the same quality level than well known companies.

Sebastian Urbas says:

Here in Germany washing detergent is somewhat different, maybe because of different washing machines. But the name of the Aldi washing detergent is the same: Tandil. A well known independent consumer organization “Stiftung Warentest” tested constantly food and household products. Of course they also test washing detergent. Tandil from Aldi is always rated as good as the famous name brands Persil from Henkel and Ariel from Procter & Gamble. The German Tandil is manufactured by “Dalli-Werke” it’s a not so well known company.
It’s the same for almost everything. For example the toothpaste from Aldi and Lidl (other German discounter)was rated even better than the most famous name brand toothpaste. And the price isn’t part of the test result.
But not all generic brands are good. In Germany the products from Aldi and Lidl are mostly high quality, but many generic brands from other stores aren’t that good. Those are often rated just mediocre.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

I use a lot of off brand detergent that i do reviews on, but the Tandil i rate right next to the leading brand. It is the best alternative to Tide. Some people don’t believe it but it is true.

Jay Sia Hermes Coeus says:

Thanks for review! It is always great to find alternative brands that perform as well or better than popular brands 🙂

christina best says:

Love Aldi’s! I was wondering how the tandil laundry detergent is. Thanks for the review. I plan on buying Tandil detergent the next time i need to get laundry detergent.

Jody says:

I have used this detergent and found it to clean pretty well. I use a lot of different detergents. I may go back to this once I go through all my others. I also want to try Members Mark Ultra clean from Sam’s club.

C Youngblood says:

because of your review, I went out and grabbed a bottle of this! I have to say, I’m loving it… cleans my clothes well, and has my laundry room lit with it’s fragrance. It’s price is $5.99 here in Texas.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

You are welcomed. When I say that it is like the leading brand I really mean it and you get a nice, big bottle that will definitely save you some money. My clothes comes out the wash clean, fresh smelling and very bright.

O Chenault says:

Tide is better

Joe Bon says:

Another great review, thank you!

Kenneth Patterson says:

That’s for the review Moni, was wondering if this was as good as tide before buying.

Angie Alnidawi says:

I watched this video a while back, but just got around to buying some today after finishing up my other detergent. Now I can hardly wait to do laundry! I love your videos 🙂

Andre Gayle says:

I discovered it when in Germany… They have Aldi there and tried it… LOVED IT!
My old white socks look like new and the colors look bright like before as well. Super pleased! And yes… you save a pretty penny too!

Myles Vance says:

Have you tried Wisk? Walmart sells it and it’s pretty good, I just wish they sold it in a powder version.

Darrell Martin says:

Thanks for your awesome video 🙂 You should be getting paid…lol. Don’t sleep on Aldi! I love this store…the oroducts are awesome and the money you save is unbelievable. Funny thing is if you notice the parking lot is filled with other people like me that drive luxury cars. People witb money are smart and want to hold on to
I am going to try the Tandil detergent just because of you! 🙂 I’m a laundry snob and Tide has gotten too expensive. I bet this works just as well. Loved your video…thanks for sharing!!

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

Hello Jane “Marcela” Doe:  I thank you for replying back.  I am so glad that you got this information because their products taste exactly like the name brand products. All supermarkets should let you sit down to be a cashier because they still get the job done.

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