Oxi Clean Review by 9malls – Holiday Edition

This is a special holiday edition review of As Seen on TV product Oxi Clean. In this hands on test I see if Oxi Clean does a better job getting stains out than detergent alone.

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Markyajv says:

HAHA, I am not coming to your place for holiday dinner unless I am wering a hazmat suit. LOL! 

alex o says:

did you wash it in warm water? if so then it should have taken the stains out. Warm water helps break down the enzymes

kim smith says:

I don’t know how your family eats at the dinner table but it appears that no amount of oxy-clean will do  LOL

Wizdomtrek says:

Hmmm, I’m suspecting a CHEEEEEAT, didn’t rub that mustard NEARLY HARD ENOUGH. Next time DIIIIIIG IIIIIN with some UMPH.

zippy says:

I also have never seen it do anything. Wife bought it two or three times, and it does nothing. Don’t waste your money.

baozeng says:

i have the same hot sauce that you had

9malls says:

@baozeng It’s good stuff

Esteban Solis Loya says:

Oxi Clean needs to be dissolved in water before you use it.

Spencer Smith says:

CAUTION:  DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES! lol hotsauce smiley face!!! I really enjoy your video buddy! keep them coming Please!

David D says:

I have never had any luck with Oxi clean doing anything above my regular laundry detergent.

NadrianATRS says:

That kind of mustard has dye in it that is near impossible to remove the way you washed it. Presoaking might have helped

Cj Live says:

Holly shit isn’t it for little stains

csm-101 says:

3:47 : )

Carol Binnie says:

You went over enthusiastic doing that, so are you surprised ?. I’d hate to sit with you at a dining table LOL 😛

BrokebutCreative says:

Shouldn’t waste beer like that. Not even for scientific experiments. But you’re adorable so you’re forgiven.

userpsn says:

When do you expect to spill that much shit on you

IceCipriani21 says:

its a test to see which sauce will beat the oxi clean. its not based on how much shit is put on there.

Jared M says:

3:46 accidental hotsauce smiley face!

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