OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover is one of my favourite cleaning products!

I love sharing different cleaning tools and products that can make your life easier and save you money.

OxiClean is an amazing stain remover from clothing, but it also makes a great carpet cleaner and for a fraction of the cost of other carpet stain removers.

This is a sponsored post by OxiClean. While I did receive compensation, this is an honest review and all of my opinions are my own.

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Javin Gibson says:

Does it remove dna in blood so detectives with luminol can’t use a blacklight out to find blood spray? If not I have no use for this product. Does oxyclean make a sulfuric acid?

Michel Porter says:

Bulshit produit.

Oxi Clean Bleach says:


Pikmin Lover says:

What is the ratio of Oxiclean to Water you use in your spray bottle?

Marilyn Hawley says:

I lost scoop. What the amount of the scoop in terms of cup measurement?

Jennifer M says:

I just tried your peroxide and iron on a tea stain that has been sitting on my pink living room carpet for months and IT WORKED!!!!! Also bought oxy clean and I will never go back to other cleaners again! Thank you so much you saved my carpet 🙂

judy says:

This girl is aweesome!!!!

Ann Carol Moore says:

Will OxiClean get mold spots off lawn furniture? Specifically the chairs that fold up, have metal frames and the seat and back is a tight weave of a plastic fabric.

Aaron the Artist Guy says:

Big news from OxiClean, America’s #1 versatile stain fighter! OxiClean is shaking up the laundry aisle! Introducing, NEW OxiClean Laundry Detergent. It’s thick, rich formula is powered by three color-safe OxiClean stain fighters to break down and lift out these tough dried-on stains the first time. Look, you’ll get brilliant whites and vivid brights after every wash. For a deep-clean inside and out, make the switch and try it today. Plus save up to 20% versus the leading brand!

Alisom Stroud says:

Are you getting paid to plug this product?

Brenda Trump says:

I bet it would even get out that stain on Monica’s dress!!

Fructus Dea says:

Oxyclean is AWESOME. I actually will fill my bathtub with hot water and oxyclean to soak large amounts of items at once (usually plastic stuff) I just did all my white hangers, as they were looking dingy, and they look brand new now.

Maxi Love2Learn says:

I soak stained mugs, stainless steel coffee pot and tea pot, plastic containers, and my light colored kitchen sinks with oxiclean-hot-water. Works amazingly well. I think I will try all of my flat ware in the sinks filled with oxiclean hot water. I buy it at Costco or Sam’s Club in a large box–very cost effective.

alexg92 says:

I’m new to your channel and your ideas are so great! I also love this product but I have never used it besides with washing clothes. I will have to try some of these ideas. I would love to chat some more about your organizing ideas!


for sure im going to use this 🙂 thank for the video 🙂

Bkd Knight says:

I spilt ketchup on my salmon/white shirt, ran it through the wash and dryer.. I don’t wanna scrub it I would rather soak it, would this work?

Carolyn Phillips says:

What is the percentage of water and oxiclean for a spray bottle.

Muhannad X says:

Nice Video, It is always good idea to spell out the components so we could look for an alternative here in Dubai.

maria mtz says:

can i use oxiclean on brown furniture?

Jenna Lindquist says:

The recipe for the spray bottle that everyone is wondering about is 1 scoop OxiClean and 1 cup hot water. She mentions in a reply that the directions are on the container. 🙂

Rosemary Gaffey says:

Works great on stains.

VikingGabby says:

My cat tends to have hairballs on my white comforter. Will this get the stain out?

Tommy L says:

For your spray bottle how much water to stain remover do you put in? What’s the ratio? I’d love to know, thanks!

elastingirl says:

i scrolled down first but couldnt find any info – what is the proportion oxi to water in your bottle spray please? clutterbug? anyone any tips thanks!!

Mariposa Babe says:

Does it remove blood stain from shirt I already wash my shirt 3 time it won’t go away

myles fisher says:

Is it good for ink on shirts

Oxy Clean Stain Remover says:

Yeaaa, use me, use me it till there is nothing left.

BuggingBunny says:

Just texted my husband to get oxiclean on his way home. Hope it will work on my carpet.

Michael Weaser says:

if you want cheap oxiclean generic versions of it does exist , they do have various names , like what I use its called home select oxi-all clean’n fresh multipurpose stain remover. Its available for $1 in .88lb container in dollar stores and various other stores like grocery stores, its also available in like Walmart but is more expensive. Also you can make it yourself since all of the ingredients are available online. If you get the msds sheet on oxiclean you can get all of the ingredients in it plus % of each ingredient to to the weight.

김윤하 says:


Atouk says:

I saw no difference with the grout

kittenzxoxo says:

Hi, Im Just a high schooler and I have a few question can I use oxi on suede shoes?? There new acis and I split coffee on them please help ! There tan and white

Tony Gruber says:

Hi, I see that you have mixed the powder with water and put it into a spray bottle to use. I was wondering if you have tried the oxyclean that already comes in the spray bottles from the store and if so which one works the best? Thanks, Tony

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