REVIEW (mom style) Up & Up: Laundry Detergent

Featuring my daughter Bianca and son Noah -_- haha
Awww, the life of a mommy. Im pretty distracted in the video lol but I got my point across… I really like this detergent 🙂

My thoughts on Targets Laundry Soap:

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Vivienne Sanchez says:

Your son is too funny lol

amykins812 says:

The closest Target is an hour one way for me 🙁 I wish I had one close! 

Leticia Lua says:

Lmao I love your son

iheartcoffeenmakeup says:

I’ve never used the up and up Landry soap,but I do love other things that are up and up. and if you download a target app called “cartwheel” they have where you can get 5% off sometimes 20% different things!! I just love target period

Katy Baby says:

I just can’t get used to your new “greetings” or “greeting earthlings” greeting lol

Martha Gutierrez says:

What kind of fabric softener do you use along with this detergent?
Your son is so cute. Kept us entertained while You we’re off camera.

stormie smith says:

Poor Bianca! I hope you and the family are doing great, love your videos! Xx

SoyhijadeDios77 says:

Lol your son was so adorable:)

bubblegum zainab says:

omg I love you and love your family, they are all so cute

paulina robles says:

HAHAHAHAHA I loved your son noah. It was really funny to watch him hahah he is adorable!

Gina Grace says:

It’s good to see you posting on this channel! Your son Noah is so adorable and funny showing off his tooth. 

Ashley says:

I thought it was funny when you left and your son popped up lol. Thank you for the review I need to get some detergent and target brand it is.

Phia Linnette says:

Best video ever. Your kids are too cute!

Alison Meredith says:

Ur son is so funny bless him x x

ilyandfamily says:

LOL your son is so cute

jessatonic says:

That’s me in the morning. “Go brush your tongue really good!” LOL

Marlene Barraza says:


Deserea Diaz says:

Oh my your son had me laughing

Jessica Beltran says:

Your son Noah is just too cute! Lovely kids! He is just hilarious

MJ says:

Lmao I bet when you went back to edit it and seen your son you were like what the heck lol #momlife

Chris says:

He’s so happy with his tooth

francesca brint says:

I make my own laundry soap, only takes 3 ingredients and no fillers.   i’ll never buy detergent again.  So much cheaper.

Brenda Espinoza says:

This video just had me laughing! Your son is too cute

Motomama Monii says:

Aaah excited to finally see a StillGlamMom video pop up on my feed! You’ve been missed Kasey!

Amber Leigh says:

You should do another day in the life video I think your so awesome & inspirational, I just had my third little girl and things can get pretty hectic & I love how you handle things & are so organized (y)

Sher Thom says:

Your son photo bombing and showing his tooth is hilarious.

ari lyzette says:

love these kinds of videos!

Freewheeler 90 says:

Most laundry detergents contain various chemicals which harm health and weaken the immune system and can cause allergic reactions, organic natural detergents cost more but are worth it in my opinion especially if you have children. They are also ways of making your own natural detergent. <3 

LeoGoddess 81 says:

Such a cute video! Thanks for the recommendation! I missed these type of mommy videos but I am loving the other mature videos too! We women have many different roles in our lives! ❤️

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