Review of the Foca Laundry detergent

The items in this video were purchased with my own money.


brenda kibler says:

family dollar sells it

MsLadyBlueWorld says:

I use Roma it’s really good. I never seen the liquid roma

Sharhonda Pearson says:


Blessed2baBlessing says:

Resa change your title. It says focus and not Foca.

Laura B says:

We needed this review. I saw that detergent in the store and was like what in the world?

Lula Culberson says:

Thank you for this review, I always wanted to try this. Love your channel!!!!

Susan Linginfelter says:

Thanks for reminding me…..I have tried this in the past and liked it a lot. I also like Aldi’s detergent and fabric softener too. I like saving money!

The Lea Rae Show says:

Thanks for the review. I never seen that before.

Detricht I says:

I love it. I get it here in Houston at Sam’s Club. 22.04 lb bag for $13.98. The bag is big so I sit it on the wash room floor & cut a slit in the top of the bag & use a scooper

Keyshia Richardson says:

I have been using this foca since my kids were little it works so good thanks for the review!!!!

Tracy Wishom says:

Thank you so much for the review, I’ve seen this detergent in our local Save alot stores and I always wondered if it was a good product

Maria Collins says:

I put mine in a old kitty litter bucket…You can get a free 3 to a 5 gallon bucket with lid at your local grocery store bakery…

Jen Dyson says:

Thanks for doing the review for us been waiting for it ! I bought some yesterday have done two loads. So far so good !

Dauphne McMurry says:

Sounds like a good detergent. I may try it. Thanks for the review sis.

Tina Clark says:

You look so beautiful in this video Sis. Your makeup is popping

Lena Lewis says:

Okay. Bout to get some…

Danielle Lee says:

Great video! Thanks for the review!

Angelicwarrior37 says:

Good review.

MsGina42 says:

I bought some it works so good and smells good

Mari Hill says:

You can find it at any mexican store.

Lynn Crum says:

I have been using this since I moved to Mexico before. It is the “TIDE” of Mexico. Everyone uses it. It is by far the best price of any good quality laundry detergent. Blanca Nieve, Zote, Ariel and all of those are excellent. You can get them at Dollar General, Family Dollar, Freds and almost all grocery stores here in Tennessee.

My Wilkinson says:

Hi Resa! I was wondering how Foca worked I use Ariel which is good too

Antionette Bass says:

I’ve seen it at family dollar here in Dallas,Tx

Gladys Dukes says:

sam club sale it and walmart, all the food store sale it here tx

Vaughn Curry says:

A lot of Family Dollar and Dollar General stores in my area carry Foca, tried it and liked it!

Kokie nGA says:

I love this detergent. Cheap. Smells good.

The one with the baby, I use it for white clothes only. It’s the best thing ever. I put it in a different container because I buy it in a big bag the reason I don’t know the name.

Everybody not using this is missing out. I keep the Foca and Roma in stock. I love it. To me it works better than the expensive brands.I didn’t know they sold it in liquid.

Raquel Mims says:

I used the liquid Foca and I love the smell of it and I use it alone with another detergent!!

AJ's HR says:

Oh wow,now I’ve never seen this product. Thank you Resa!

Marilyn Capehart says:

Thanks for sharing 11/17

Mz Delcia says:

Great review!!!! Tfs

mommyof3redheadsand1brunette says:

I’ve heard good things about this detergent I’ll have to try the liquid.

MaldivianSun says:

I️ like the way you ended that video with an “ummm.” Sometimes there is just nothing more to say. Lol

Ohio grandma says:

I love this and I do not use bleach. It does not turn my clothes blue.

Audrey Ledbetter says:

Hey sis good video, love y’all.


I use these types of detergents all the time. Other brands are Roma,Ariel,and Zote (it’s a laundry bar) it gets stains out better than big brand name detergents and stain removers. I get it in bigger bags at Walmart and it’s still a good price. I buy two of the big bags and fill up my storage tote in my laundry room with a measuring cup from Dollar Tree. Saves me money, and you don’t need much to clean dirty clothes. I’ve never had a problem using it over the years. Sometimes people make excuses because the price is so cheap.

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