Siemens SN24D201EU Dishwasher REVIEW by Ur IndianConsumer

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-Installation: For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call Siemens support directly on 1800 209 1850 and provide the product’s model name
-Dishwasher; 12 place setting
-Features: Water softener
-Aqua-sensor and load-Sensor
-Detergent automation
-Self-cleaning filter system with 3-fold corrugated filter

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Shiv kanwar says:

Useless thing

Abhishek Dhingra says:

6 amp plug or 15 amp power plug


nice demo
watch full demo of IFB appliances click on #paulssk

Afsha Khan says:

Ye kahilo ka kaam hi

Ramiza Banu says:

How about using vim liquid in dishwasher n i use lot of aluminium utensils so suggest some hacks to wash them in dishwasher

vishakh rakshith says:

setting this up takes a decade .instead wash the utensils by hand

Vishal Rahul says:

One of the worst inventions ever

ahmed mohammed says:

What the fuck !!
Are you serious !!!

Archana Jn says:

Absolutely rubbish for indian needs. Primary cleaning…. and then use a dishwasher
I can clean all these in like 10 min

super man says:

I don’t see how I can save time by using this compared to washing by hands

Amit Jain says:

Wait for AI powered robots & till then traditional way of dish washing is thousand times better than this crap.!!

jyotsana dobhal says:

Jitni der me ye machine utensils se load hui utni der me to double bartan shul jayenge.

devi priya says:

In my home municipal water will,come some motor water, motor water will be little bit salty , whether machine will work

Yasmin Yas says:

عندي غسالة صحون سيمنز يظهروا E15واشارة مشاء كفي أصلح العطل

J Shailesh says:

What is the price?

Chinu Chinu says:

Instead of placing wasting time we can wash with our hands:)

Prem kumar says:

Dear Customer, don’t forget to clean the machine after the process complete.

victoria michael says:

I want the machine,, where can I get? Am in Tanzania East Africa

Minto John says:

But why do you need a machine to wash the utensils when you can do it easily by hand?

Swapnil Orkey says:

Its more like a promotion video. Should have talked about negatives also.

amitosh kumar says:


Dhruba Biswas says:

Lovely video aluminium gests damade due to there is acid percentage in the rinsade we used these machines in 1999 it was imported from uk it is realy nice machine thanks bro

Peter Aremone says:

What is Shhhteeem ?

Harish Rawat says:

Sir what the size of machine

Ronita Chandran says:

I don’t understand the people in comments section – if you consider washing utensils ur past time or love your bai so much then why watch such a video and waste your own time. Appreciate the time and effort that someone’s putting in to create a video to help consumers instead of passing stupid comments. I was curious to see how well it cleaned the steel cooking utensils. Are there any kind of utensils or stain where you didn’t find it effective?

Pooja Dadhich says:

30000 rs me ye machine kharidna wo bhi bartan dhone k liye mujhe lgta h koi bhi indian woman ye nhi kharidegi

Vishal Sharma says:

It’s Complicated:-/

Chandra N says:

What is the price?

Neeraj kumar says:

Technically dishwashers are useless.. In 2 hours one can wash whole society’s utensils withought wasting 2400 watt / hour….

VK MEDIA says:

this machine guaranty /warranty??servicing???how many rupees in to kerala???

Rahul Patel says:

How much its price?

ahmed mohammed says:

I didn’t understand any thing i closed the mashin

Tarsem Singh says:

Waste water and then cry for water.
Lazy urban people go for it.

LORDE 2729 says:

i dont get how water can be soft or hard ? o_0

Allah the Great Creator of mankind says:

How much water does it consume per load?

Kalayan Sundram says:

Waste of money i have at home never buy

Shikha Vivek - Your Smart Home Guide says:

Dishwasher is really useful and even I have uploaded a video

Yogi says:

Amiron k cocle

nishant ranjan says:

Impractical in India because
1. Oil masala deep cooking
2. Super expensive running cost
3. Maids cost cheaper
4. Type of utensils… case in point, the 2 plates you placed on the lower tray- one on the back won’t be washed properly

Babuyudhistar Atluru says:

Many people in comments say, i ll better wash it by hand, its a waste of money, remember guys, our grandma use to say the same thing about washing machine, mixer grinder, espically mine, she prefered making idili and dosa batter in a grinding stone, tastes way better than machine stuff.

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