SUPER Nano Detergent Bore Cleaner Review

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Leonardokite says:

I like the smell of Hoppes #9 also. We must all be weird!!! I always thought it was because of the memories it brought up.

Scott F. says:

Nice testing as i have been using Hoppes #9 since the 80’s and it has worked well for me but then again that is just me….Good testing and results….Good stuff….

Matt Musselman says:

Good stuff

James_wingthwong_ Banks says:

Depending on the level of fouling, I use both Remington 40x and Hopps as well. The smell of Hopps though is what gets you. I know. Been using that for years. From the Czechoslovakia Republic. That sure seems like a long soak time. That reminds me of soaking barrels in boiling water times. Haha. That ought to be interesting on a barrel burner like a .17 HMR. Seems like an awful amount of passes. Nope, that residue wouldn’t cut it for me. I’ll stick with Hopps for the light jobs and Remington for the hard stuff. Thanks for doing the review.

Ralph Reagan says:

I will remain loyal to hoppes #9 I’ve been using it since ’65

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