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DJ Quads – First Time

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Hao You Phill says:

5 subs away from 50k homie!

EFreezy716 says:

Amazing product…RESHOEVN8R comes through with tha dope shit to keep your kicks fresher than a MF

John Vahos says:

Hmm, I might have to get that next time I order

Hype 420 says:

whats the black bag for

joestinof says:

and what if you used normal soap for a wash? I bet it will get the same result.

Robert Gift says:

Likes to hear himself blab.

Kenneth de Montille says:

I like it, yet I have doubts.
reason why. the bottom of those shoes were still dirty… why would it clean the entire shoe aside from the soles… anyhow. I’ll have buy some to see for myself 😀

Modification DCUO says:

I have powder detergent stains on my bred 1s on the outer stitching would this remove them?

Aphamous Boy says:

Can’t we use a different laundry detergent besides reshoevn8r

Catlin Morgan says:

Do regular detergent vs reshoevn8r

mightbegenius says:

Acting skills on basic. L for days

Cotton Chops says:

Your reaction is so fake man smh

33 savage brother says:

Reshoevn8r laundry detergent is just lavender detergent under the reshoe name lol.. No point of copping it

MrTommek81 says:

buhhahaha we have the same washing maschine :)……..
im to afraid to put my sneakers to wash like that….

Labronski Lattimore says:

congrats on 50k

Ceez Geez says:

wow…i am amazed…ig: sneekeceez714

Nate Serpant says:

Good stuff. Really need to get some of their stuff to help with restoring some kicks

jose vanegas says:

Cool bro u tested there Landry detergent I’ve brought that product but have yet to use it I’ma try it on my concord 11s that came out 4 to 5 years ago.. hope it cleans up the mesh..

Theo Sanders says:

Basically any laundry detergent for your clothes will do the exact same thing. Not recommended for leather/suede materials obviously. Oh… and it’s waaaaay cheaper. Cheers

Virgil Sargento says:

Just went back to watch your very first video lol!

fresh thabarber says:

stfu fag any detergent will clean fresh dirt weirdo

I Bleed Red&Gold says:

In no way shape or form am I trying to hate on you because I really like your channel just a thought of mine. I really think the bag is the gadget here wroth the buy. If we are being honest almost all detergent would have gotten the same results because its just a dirty fabric and they have been working on that for ages so I’m sure they got it down. Putting that aside I just found your channel a few days back and I really appreciate your content, keep up the great work. P.S. I am a sub.

Mathew Ezer says:

He needs to relax he could of just put them in the wash with regular detergent and have the same result

Matt The Sasquatch says:

Dang… I might have to get some for if I get any kicks extremely messed up.

chiefwavey says:

congrats on 50k! quality content as always homie keep your grind going!

Pacific Kickz says:

do u live un Australia? if u do which city?

jaybyrd916 says:

Yooo!! That’s crazy! I’m already a huge fan of reshoevn8r products, but damn this is a must have for me now. As if there was any doubt. Their products are second to none. Thanks for sharing


Do you recommend that product?

manny barnes says:

i feel like you could of got then dirtier

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