The Effects of tide detergent are you getting frustrated that your nice shirts color fades away or wasting detergent because you forget to get your clothes and they stink after a day or a couple hours and having to rewash them. itchy? sensitive skin? well here is the answer this detergent is 100% concentrated and does not contain those chemicals like the other brands it wont fade your clothes and it wont clog your washing machine and if you happen to forget your clothes in the laundry they will still smell nice and clean. So make the switch im sure youll like it just as i do. Hey it won’t hurt to try it out u might just end up liking it


STARZFAN31 says:

this video is stupid and proves absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. The Tide is actually getting rid of the color because it is supposed to remove stains and things from fabric, esp whites. Also, your clothes do not smell dirty if you use Tide, they smell like the Tide, which smells good. Nice try at selling Amway shit dude. Someone is an Amway salesman.

Debbiebabe69 says:

Tide is heavily chemical laden detergent for mass use in commercial/industrial settings. Such as cleaning bedding in a hotel or cleaning overalls in a factory. Not for cleaning kids socks on a day to day basis.

Kawther Almarifawi says:

can’t you ever wait for tide tide is the best thing you can ever have tried worked when we had it but now we don’t we use different laundry because ours usually takes better time and that our help and this phone isn’t for important stuff old I just had this phone for fun

Raaj Pakhare says:

which materials use in tide detergent it’s clinging to ink

Junette S. says:

“Only” $15 for that small box of detergent?!  I say to thee…NAY!

O Chenault says:

I prefer tide or gain myself my mother used them when I was a kid I tried the others but Tide was better

Demetri Devin says:

I actually have numerous customers who have used tide and gain and switched to LOC detergent and they have said they see a significant difference. Little to no fading in clothes and zero irritation. Yes tide has numerous detergents but seriously do you want to buy various types of detergent for different use. One product that does it all and not to mention it’s organic and concentrated. As buyers, folks only know what they see, but there is always better products. I actually have a customer who started buying the LOC because she was recommended to stop using regular products as it was causing a health issue. Don’t judge the products unless you actually try them. Good job soccerman the products are very good and this is coming from customer feed back. Misinformed individual will always judge as they are happy with their lifestyle but want better, just wont actually do anything to make it better. Great Job!!!

Anonymous User says:

good job buddy. don’t listen to none of these negative people keep building your dream and you’ll make it.

Natalie skrodzki says:

Dis bitch is getting sponsored

Nexter5722 says:

Amway is GARBAGE Bioquest is TRASH and tide does a decent job and so do many others so basically WTF is the point of this …. so you can sell more BIOGARBAGE … yeah ok fuck that shit

Chris Conaway says:

This is pure stupidity. First of all any professional cleaner will tell you that you’re an idiot for gang powdered detergent. Second, your analysis is that of uneducated moron. The longer it takes to merge with the water the better. That shit on the right is not going to clean anything, especially a hard stain. Do you blew anything about science? This whole video is bullshit.

Mr. Illuminati says:

Fuсk the environment if you want clean clothes add tide and a teaspoon of tripolysoduimphosphate soap nerds phosphates government took it out thank me later

Nexter5722 says:

fuck bioquest

Jose Martinez says:

no way

Les Davis says:

33 loads for $15 ???? That’s almost 50 cents per load. Way expensive. Persil is 25 cents a load (which is still expensive) but it delivers fantastic results.

Chris Conaway says:

All of your sources are yourself or customer reviews. Stop, you have no idea you’re saying and you’re wrong. You are just so wrong here. Just Google Tide vs brand a. Tide is always better. Fucking always. If you want clean you want Tide. If you like dirty clothes go with everything else. You have literally reached a new level of stupidity

Fabrizio Chavez says:

what it is showing right here is how tide fades away the colors in your clothes and how each one works when they come in contact with water. you should get the other one just to try it. That way you can see which one you like more…. the company has 180 day satisfaction guarantee.

trinex7 says:

Tide seems to be doing………… an AMAZING job.

nyctreeman says:

Biodegradable – Good for the environment – DOESN’T WORK

Yansiris Mendoza says:

Plus u added more water tide

Kyle Bucks says:

Tide is more concentrated than that knock off stuff….Tide isn’t the cheapest but it is the best at getting your clothes clean

michael50694 says:

The reason why your clothes think of you leave them in the washing machine for a while is because of mildew. That will happen with any detergent. You just have to make sure you get your clothes out in time.

Sanjay Germany says:

I will buy Your washing powder if You sell it for half the price for the same amount through the same distribution channels (stores). What You show is not a proof. The actual test is the machine wash!

JanSport League ™ says:

Do you know what 1 scoop = 6 scoops that tide says. it’s concentrated and really strong. Dumbass

Yansiris Mendoza says:

And ink

Kawther Almarifawi says:

time really takes his time to do it quicker and if it does it quicker that means it takes longer because doing laundry you need to do stuff that are in Portage what is the best tide

Nexter5722 says:

mix half tide with half cheap shit and boom decent detergent that last a long ass time

Marcus Lee says:

This is an Amway ad (poorly done of course).. don’t waste your time with stuff from Amway. Ever. Products from Amway are hopeless. Tried and tested, especially the detergent.

Richard Tay says:

The above experiment is skewed. If dye washes off the fabric, then it will dye other light clothings. Tide actually prevents the washed off dyes by bleaching them while LOC cannot prevent that. By the way, synthetic dyes on fabrics are much resilent compared to food dyes. The bleach contain in Tide, please see Tide’s ingredient list available in the www, will not have any effect on the synthetic dyes. All in all, this video only proves Tide does a better job at stains removal with the power of bleaching. Any person that does laundry on their own will not welcome the performance from LOC. Just my 2 cents worth…

tawny thacker says:

oh i thought he was gonna drink it

Malia Engle says:

Both of these detergents stink in my opinion. I like the biodegradable kind from Costco, and vinegar for my fabric softener.

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