Ultra concentrated rain fresh laundry detergent (product review)

Got this at dollar tree. Does it do a good job? With a shoutout to Sally Buttons.


Sally Button says:

Hi my friend, I can’t believe you did this for me! Lol, I was looking through your videos that I hadn’t yet watched & came across this one, imagine my surprise at hearing my name! Yes, I do love laundry reviews & that’s why this one caught my eye. I have used every one under the sun I would think & I always go back to Persil, I use both the powder & liquid variety & I’ve used it for around 30 years I would guess. It’s a premium product & so is rather expensive but it goes a long way. I think it’s marketed as “All” in the USA. Have a great evening ( or morning, whatever your time is ) & thanks so much for dedicating this to me, it’s made my day. Do some more product reviews Jason, I’m sure all your subscribers would be interested..take care X

deussolinvictus says:

What I’ve honestly found is that with detergents, you truly get what you pay for in the results after washing. I’ve bought the Dollar Tree detergent out of financial need before, but it’s never really done much more than lift surface stains and add a slight scent to clothes after a wash cycle. I have a CostCo membership, so I use their house brand detergent powder, which is a multi-purpose cleaner, and it cleans my gym clothes and clothes I’ve worn while working on the farm. From past experience, brands like Sun, L.A.’s Awesome, and other bargain brands just don’t do the job. I can use CostCo’s Kirkland brand detergent even in cold water and it works well.

MyLifeAsMom says:

I did a review as well on my channel it works greatly

Lboog Loves says:

I love DT detergent! I love laundry detergent reviews too!!! It suds great, cleans great, it’s so worth the buck!!!

Leo D says:

Hi if you guys want a cheap laundry detergent that really works it’s called FOCA it’s inexpensive walmart sells it and gets the clothes clean better than the dollar tree crap. Foca is a powder detergent.

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