13 Genius Car Cleaning Hacks

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Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Narrated by : Darren Marlar


O A says:

what about the gasoline hack… and light your car on fire

Shanka Mahakumbura says:

worth it…

Joel Garcia says:

Yo ahí cars ditaling busquen METRO WEST AUTO CLÍNIC Y DITALING TEMPLE TX y miren mi trabajo

fucken killer jason says:


ReddFoxx1562 says:

If I didn’t mind washing my car, why the hell would I go to a carwash? thumb down

Vend Master says:

Ok #1 is product promotion…..not hack

Haley Ward says:

Well… I guess I’m gonna need alot of vinegar.

Paulie Harrow says:

WTF IS A HACK??? ALL My life, a hack is Something bad…or a Taxi driver. Who came up with that stupid shit ??

Mr. Finger says:

WD-40 Only works on paper stickers, otherwise just use a hairdryer like a normal person.

Vince Yazz says:

This ain’t what I want

ffhgu 07 says:

Use coke on chrome and you can use coke to remove corrosion on electrical connectors

Rael Picot says:

A makeup brush is a good cleaner for vents and you can keep it in the car so that you can dust when you’re waiting for someone.

fucken killer jason says:

Just use cleaner

Ian Payne says:

Top ideas thanks

rami jims says:

Olive oil ????!! Will boil and burn your dashboard in the sun/heat

Yousuf N says:

Can I can use apple vinegar

Tyler Michaud says:

Hey I got 2 options for you: take care of your car or bring it to a professional. This video should be deleted because it’s a load of shit!

Jay T says:

Blah blah blah.

marc malon says:

Great video

Rexczi says:

Im crying over this video.

Why Me? says:

None of these are good

Guy Dangerous says:

Dip your car in vinegar two times, powder up with some baking soda and water it down.and that’s how you clean a hot wheels.

Patriot4TheTree says:

This should be titled, “How to Clean Your Car Like a Hippie”.

mobileterminaluser says:

Go to Chris fix channel. It’s better & doesnt waste your time with bs.

Magic Man says:

You lost me at “don’t want to go through a car wash where they use CHEMICALS (*gasp*) to wash your car…”

People who use “chemicals” as a scare word NEVER have any clue what the word “chemical” means–as evidenced by the fact that they always have something they propose using as a “substitute” for using chemicals, and that substitute is ALWAYS another chemical, just as it is in this video.

HINT: Everything in your life is made of chemicals, including you.

Pro Bond Cleaning Sydney says:

Thanks for Shaing

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