5 Nasty Things In Your Kitchen (& How to Clean Them!)

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For those looking to tackle the toughest spots in their kitchen, this video is for you!
5 nasty things in your kitchen and how-to clean them!


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Learn how to clean and disinfect your sink, counter tops, cutting board, garbage can and sponges, cloths and brushes – some of the nastiest things in you kitchen. Melissa shows you how-to clean them!


Sink Cleaning Secrets!

Clean Your Cutting Board!

Let us know your questions, tips and tricks in the comments!


Kimmi Mcknight says:

My most hated things to clean in the house is ONE~The kitchen!!! I despise doing dishes, my DIL will do them (but she’s not exactly an immaculate dish washer, but bc she’s so willing to do them, i keep my mouth shut & wash whatever i need that’s too gross to use). Her 13 year old son is very lazy & wants to eat everywhere in the house–i JUST found TWO Klondike ice cream bar wrappers in my BATHROOM. I.want.to.strangle.him!!!! Thankfully, after them living under my roof for a year and a half, they found a house. I can’t WAIT for the move-out!!! Ohh, and the second chore i absolutely despise is the venetian blinds–two windows in every room…two bedroom cottage. YIKES!!!

Carla Fleck says:

I hate cleaning the kitchen

YaVasilisa says:

Gorgeous hair!!!

Lucy Miao says:

love your show. many thanks. where did you buy the holder in your sink holding the sponge. I would love to have one of this.

sneha vajanthri says:

bathroom.. I dread cleaning it!!

seaninlou68 says:

for sponges,,, rinse well,, place in the microwave for 2 minutes,,,, you will have totally sanitized sponge. same with dish rags

Cindy Marsh says:

Bathrooms !!!!

Laura Focht says:

the office space in our house

Alyssa Monen says:

well that neighbor is weird stupid and disgusting

Celeste Carrington says:


BabyKagome16 says:

4:40 if you’re looking for cleaning sponges

Roni Little says:

what does the baking soda do

Debarati Chowdhury says:

store room

Feline713 says:


Esther Ng says:

How to clean the coffee maker?

Emma Garofalo says:

oh lord


Why not Bleach??

happydij says:

I hate cleaning the bathroom

V L says:

I hate the kitchen ………. tooooooo much to keep clean consistently.

Sarah AlKhamis says:

putting a spong in a microwave will sanitize it , i saw this in another video

Ivelice Roman says:

Lmbo! Chad is hilarious!

Sam Degele says:


Sara Sara says:

Your haircut is on point girl… those layers damn!

D Pagne says:

toilet/shower! i hate cleaning them! the worse ever

Venessa Talbert says:

Can you do a video about how to get rid of bugs in the kitchen like ants and roaches and how to clean up so they won’t return. I live in an apartment and neighbors have bugs and I’ve noticed a few in my kitchen and bathroom. Please HELP!

seaninlou68 says:

why not just run the cutting board through the dishwasher on sanitize mode , with the dishes??

Ari Arredondo says:

my kids room and kids bathroom!! it drives me insane!!! lol

Juanita Tejada says:

the oven is also a nasty kitchen thing what do u use to clean it?

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