7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

7 Genius Ways to Get Rid Of Ants! — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWyWnA3GojI

Learn 7 awesome life hacks to quickly clean your bathroom, leaving it looking shiny and new! Many common household items can be used to clean up even the worst messes and stains so save your cash.
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peace pika says:

i love this video because it is amazing tips and this is not a robot sounds

Rebel Recluse says:

Fail, I stick to chemicals.

n says:

Omg vinegar with an essential oil for fragance or make your own diy soft scrub with peppermint … amazing and cleans better than store brand

Chelly I says:

upper decker lol

Jason Juneau says:

Billy Mays would be proud!

therealsonic101 says:

Here is a trick I use with my shower head: inside it is a little disk with holes tucked under the washer. It eventually gets blocked or slowed by hard water stuff. I just use a tack on each hole to unblock it and it seems to work great.

Snivy Sniper says:

My friend asked me for $700 so she can get the new iPhone 7. Is there a hack for that? Please tell me.

Brandon Delgado says:

The 1k dislikes are from the people who leave the mysterious ceiling stain.

Enmanuel De Jesus M says:


Sana Asim says:

how 2 remove nail polish stains on clothes plz tell me

Ginny R says:

OMG, love the dryer tip. Thanks

James Garcia says:



Chris Cummings says:

tricks to save money on your heating bill so you can spend it all on the electric bill to heat your bed up with a hair dryer.

Sonic _gaming says:

3:17 Sucking power?!

Ashvini Tiwari says:

WAIT what did he just said that toilet is so clean that u can eat of HIM TODAY IS THE DAY I UNSUSCRIBE

Gary Liseo Jr says:

Won’t the newspaper scratch up your mirror?

Ai-Linh Nguyen says:

“Well, whatever it is, we got 6 tips to take care of it!” Title: 7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

Roni Moise says:

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Cauliflower says:

The life of every avocado I buy:
Day 1: I’m not ripe
Day 3: I’m not ripe
Day 6: I’m not ripe
*goes to bathroom*
Avocado: okay u were in the bathroom so I rotted


laminage says:

After you use your Toilet Brush, make sure that you rinse it with Hot Water. Also, when you Flush, make sure that your cover is covered so no dirty water, amongst other things fly out around the bathroom.

Lourdes Abuso says:

I am agreeable to your natural ways of cleaning your home, but I am not certainly agreeable at throwing or disposing toilet papers or paper towels in the toilet sink. Why? because any form of tissue paper cannot and will not melt down or dissolve in tiny pieces if you flush them in your toilet sink. Ending? Clogged toilet bowls/and or toilet sink. But apart from all that, I most certainly would love to try some of your tips here in how to clean our household fixtures using natural ingredients and not those harsh chemicals that we buy in the supermarkets….. Thanks for all the tips(“,)(,”)

sumit gupta says:

20 million views. Damn!

Doug Mackenzie says:

While you are cleaning out the dryer, wash the lint screen with detergent and water every now and then. If you use dryer sheets, it can build up a film on the screen of the lint filter. Take it to a sink and scrub with a brush and a small amount of dish or laundry detergent. Let dry before you place back in the dryer

margaret o leary says:

how do you clean the dirty rag im worn out looking at it lol

LE R says:

To clean the mirror:
1) Use water with a squirt of rubbing alcohol, glass cleaner, tea or the cleaner of your choice. 2) Wet the mirror by spraying or by wiping it on with a very wet scrubby sponge, the blue kind- not green so it won’t scratch). 3) Let sit for a minute or so. 4)Then, give it a quick once-over with the scrubby side of the sponge to loosen the dirt. 5) Use a squeegee in a quick S-motion from top to bottom to wipe off most of the water (leave a little bit). 6) Polish it off (fast, before it dries) with a clean, dust-free towel rag (preferable to newspaper or paper towels – and better for the environment too. 7) Done. This will also make cleaning your windows and sliding glass doors much more fun.
2) To clean that hair out of the drain -pull out what you can, then: 1) Wet your drain with hot water and let it sit 2) Once it goes down, pour a little bit of baking soda (not too much) down there, 3) follow it with some vinegar and shut the drain thingie 4) leave awhile 5) rinse and repeat as necessary. Be careful with this combination of vinegar and baking soda, don’t overdo it, use sparingly, start small, just use a little bit at a time to see how much it fizzes and take your cues from that.

daweller says:

I came up with another good one.
First, look at Craigslist under ‘services’
Then do a search for ‘ house cleaning ‘
Then , find one that looks good and call them up.

Liz & Oscar DLC says:

dang i gotta buy some vinegar now!

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