All Purpose Disinfecting Spray- Homemade Natural Cleaning Products #2

This all purpose disinfecting spray is good for most any surface and in most any room of the house! Its easy to make and is effective.
3 Cups Water
1 Cup Vodka (or vinegar, if it is to be used right away, see note below)
1TB Liquid Castile Soap
Add all ingredients to the bottle and shake. Spray and use as needed.

Vinegar as a Disinfectant:
If using soap and vinegar together mix and use immediately then discard any leftovers. In time the vinegar will undo the saponification in the soap and it will turn back into oil if they are left together too long.

Vodka as a Disinfectant:

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slim salha says:

thanks for that. i never thought of using vodka or vinegar.

Elizabeth Boffey says:

After you spray the cleaner on do you just need to wipe it with a cloth or rinse the area to remove any soap left from the spray??

Aunt Barbara says:

The best use for vodka ever!!!

I'm-perfectly happy to be me Michelle says:

Alcohol can clean microfiber well on couches too. With spray bottle and sponge and brush.

Daisy Cypress Tulipgarden says:

Great video. You are very beautiful. I just made a video yesterday recommending a solution of sodium bicarbonate, water and essential oil. This works best for me because I do not like alcohol or vinegar. But either choice is good for the planet and all of us Earthians. I will post your video on my Facebook page. More people need to know about toxin free room sprays. It would force corporations to produce more toxin free products when people stop buying bad stuff. 


Alcohol would make it very expensive.  In New Zealand its not cheap.

Anubisrunner08 says:

Why not mix the vinegar and vodka neat?

Aniya Yisrael says:

Will it kill the flu virus in the air

The Kirk says:

I think you’re better off getting either 91 or 99% isopropyl alcohol from the local drug store. That will definitely do it and it’s way cheaper.

Liberty & Victory For Evil Narcissism Survivors says:

good job

Julia Perry says:

I use tea tree oil. Cheap and kills germs. Only takes a few drops with the small amount of soap needed and vinegar and water will clean anything.

joan johnson says:

I have taken a glass jar with a cover and filled it with lemon peel or orange peal, then pour white vinegar to cover. Leave for 2 weeks or more. Then add 3 cups h20 to spray bottle and one cup of the citrus vinegar, shake and use.

Jackson Carter says:


Hebraic Homemaker says:

Could you sub rubbing alcohol?

Maranda Nelson says:

What happens of i wanna drink the vodka? Hahaha

H says:

Great video! Now for the important question…..How much money does it save you, say in a months time? And of course the ‘all natural’ aspect is important to…..

Princesa82 says:

i want to try the recipe of water alcohol and castile soup, how long last a botle?

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