Amazing Cleaner For Car Leather – And Cheap!



Sam Que says:

Skip to 8:27

V & M Flooring Solutions says:

Why my bottle it’s yellow color liquid and yours is pink?

Julie West says:

Video was waaaay too long. Lost interest.

Ronald Thomas says:

I was thinking hair shampoo.

Johnny Wright says:

Hey Scott I have a 2010 Mercedes E-350 with tan leather. How can I tell if it’s plastic coated? Is doesn’t feel or look like it. Just wanna make sure I’m cleaning and treating it correctly. Thanks in advance. Btw love you and your channel.

psa110 says:

Nice video and, as usual, usefully informative, Scott. I have new leather seats. This seems like it would be good for maintaining it for regular cleaning. But it does not seem it would be necessary to use the toothbrush since there is not really any grime build up on the seats. Would a microfiber towel be OK?

Pillman says:

Would this work on leatherette or vinyl type seating? The ones with leather seating surface and leatherette/vinyl trim.

Desi Bravo says:

Glad I found this video because I used lexol and meguiars to no avail.
I’m gonna use the woolite. I haved the same seats. Audi Valetta Leather seats.

srbumblediva says:

I liked the 8 minutes of showing some great examples of how this would work on different stains. I have jean transfer too

John Scott says:

Holy Crap!! Informative video but try to get to the point a little sooner, then again I’m retired so I’ve got the time, Lol I’ve been using Meguiars APC @ 10:1 mixture for interior cleaning. I’ll give the Woolite a try. Thanks. Subscribed.

Garett Machine Tech says:

its Woolite?

The Fakey Cake Maker says:

All that time to say “Woolite” even on double speed this video felt long

marc damron says:

super long winded on this one. but i did watch the whole video and was shocked that it was woolite. im off to buy some now. thank you for the video

Kevin Reynolds says:

Hey don’t rip on the guy detailers are like Felix Unger of The Odd Couple who was a bit weird himself we have OCD us detailers without us your cars would be filthy.

Deplorable Dave says:

The answer is Woolite mixed 5:1 with distilled water.

Eddie S says:

I like your videos, I really do and they have helped me a lot, but please, please get to the point quicker. I hope you take this as constructive criticism. I’m still going to watch and learn from your videos, but I’ll just start watching toward the end of each video. Thank you.

belto curet says:

Nice, well done. Thanks for the big tip. Hey, What do you follow up with to protect the coated leather? Any leather conditioning…?

Kim Jong Il says:

You need to learn about Hooks. Sheesh, too much waffling.

92hbhb Hybrid says:

Went to 3 stores and found it at the last one.. Will try this out on my 2012 Camry xle driver seat that has been neglected since new..

Chuck Pestacchi says:

Scott, thank you for another really good car cleaning tip. Woolite is a top notch product, who would of thought I can work great on interior leather seats. I’m sure if you use it, that it’s been proven safe to use, leather’s not cheap. Just bought myself a new sport coupe & I’ll surly try it. Thanks

Steven Elliott says:

You take way too long to get to the point in your video

Alan Judge says:

Have you ever used lemon pledge furniture polish on the inside of a vehicle?

Miguel Cardoza says:

Dude you took to long I couldn’t even wait for the name ofproduct !!!!

Anonymous says:

Jeeeezzzzz. I feel like my ears gonna blow.

LostInMySpace says:

Scott, does a 2004 Cadillac DeVille have that plastic coating on the leather? If not, then what leather cleaner do you recommend? Thanks for responding.

Mr brown says:

Jesus christ….8 mins to reveal the product?

Tom Sommer says:

So you can use super clean on leather to right? What is the dilute ratio for super clean for leather? I get the Woolite but I already got Super Clean.

Damin Wise says:

@#$%& YOU DUDE!

Jones4Leather says:

Woolite, and common household cleaners without bleach,, cannot harm the synthetic stitching used in cars. But some with high pH will make the color coating discolor, become tacky, or strip the coating off. An excellent leather cleaner is available from ADV Leather.

Steve Hope says:

It’s wool wash – save yourself 15 minutes.

Michelle Harrington says:

I just used this method on my 95 Cadillac leather interior. I’ve owned this car for 3 years and did the minimal interior care. This stuff works! My dingy blue leather is now a clean, bright blue leather. Looks almost new. I love your videos. They’ve been really helpful as our local detailer tends to not have the greatest employees working for them.

Venkatesh Rajagopalan says:

Non stop like FM Radio for a soap water

Jacob Wolfe says:

Long winded

Nette Jean says:

This is an awesome tip! Thanks! I was wondering what to use to maintain the leather seats in my new car.

walt charamba says:

What an asshole! I had to wait for this douche bag to babble for almost 9 minutes until I found out what he uses..It’s wool lite for fuck sakes..
And this dick is getting a thumbs down for wasting 9 minutes of my fucking life..

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