AN HONEST NORWEX MLM REVIEW || 5 ways to use microfiber in a beauty routine

My 5 favorite uses for microfiber cloths as it pertains to my beauty routine! NORWEX is most famous for household cleaning cloths, but they do so much more! I absolutely LOVE mine, and I show you ways to use them in todays video.

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Juan Fernandez Ceballos says:

You can find these products at

Sondra Wilson says:

Thank you for the review! I would love to hear what you think about using them to clean around the home!

Sandra Shove says:

I love, love, love your review! I am a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and I’m going to share your video on my Facebook Fan Page,
Feel free to pop in and say, “Hello”.  
P.S. I love that you use the Kitchen Towel to scrunch your hair! I’m going to add that to my list,  “The many ways to use your Norwex Kitchen Towels”.

Jennifer Bohdal says:

Hi! Thanks for that very honest review! I would love to hear your opinion on Norwex’s other household cleaning products. Especially their most popular cleaning cloths.

kimmerlee10 says:

I’d like to see a review from someone that doesn’t sell.

Glenda Bliss says:

What a “Doll” you are!  You did an amazing presentation on the Norwex body cloths.  I would like for you to do a review of the cleaning products as well.

Heather Burke says:

Norwex has a makeup remover cloth too, it’s fabulous! I do agree that the body cloth is amazing though.

Patty Kochenower says:

My sister in law swears by these!!! I want to try them . Thanks for the review, she says it’s been great for her face too.

Paula Davis says:

Great review! I love to see all the different ways you use the Norwex Body Cloth. My family has sensitive skin and when I found out we could use just the Body Cloth with water, I was sold! We have been body soap free for 6 years (and I promise we don’t smell weird).
It is actually the reason I signed up as a Norwex Consultant, so I could get my Body Pack at a discount.

Angela Michelle Ross says:

How often do you need to wash the cloth you use for your face? The first one you showed

Joan Salter says:

You have the most beautiful blue eyes.

Asriel Duran says:

Clarifying you use the cloth with or without soap as a loofah in the shower?

Shannon Ayres says:

Disclaimer: I AM a Norwex consultant. Thanks for the awesome review of the body cloth! But girl, you should try the Hair Turban instead of the kitchen towel for your hair! You can wrap your hair in it and button the back so it stays on way better than a towel and it takes out just the right amount of moisture so it doesn’t dry your hair TOO much and you don’t get frizz 🙂

Melissa says:

Great Review! I used Norwex products for a little over a year to form my honest opinion of them and I have to agree with you on the body cloth. They have other beauty related products I love as well. I personally like the body mitt for shaving more than the cloth. After using these products for over a year I then decided to become a consultant for my own personal use. I owned a cleaning business for years and was very familiar with the amount of time it takes to clean and with the many chemicals i was using. I have switched strictly to Norwex cleaning cloths and can’t even begin to tell you how much it’s changed my life. From health benefits, kids helping clean, to the amount of time i save and the extra time i have to spend with my family. Thank you for the review !! I always enjoy your honest opinion in all products that you review.

Rachell Reid says:

Thanks for sharing this product! I would love to see a review of the cleaning products too!

Stephanie Nesbitt says:

Hey! Thanks for that great review … I have been on the fence about trying these … Think I’m going to take the jump! Would love to see a review of the cleaning side of things and how you use/like them!!

Erica Tanner says:

Weird thing. I would love to know how you wash/take care of your Norwex towels. I use them but haven’t for a little while because I am scared to wash them because I hear it can fill with gross things!?!

SafeHavens and V Cole says:

I enjoyed your review. I would love to see you review any of the other lines in Norwex. But this was great and informative!

Annette Jones says:

Love your video! Thanks for doing the review. I would love to hear what you think of the cleaning with your Norwex and if you’ve tried the body cloths to bath your kids with just water?

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