As Seen On TV Bathroom Gadgets Put To The Test

Today, we test several As Seen On TV cleaning products in the bathroom and offer not only an honest review but DIY alternatives, too. Latest Video Here:

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As Seen On TV Products Tested and Recreated at Home

Stuff We Tested:
Scrub Daddy:
Scrub Mommy:
Turbo Scrub:
The Hard Water Wand:
Cheaper alternative (Pumie):
LAs Totally Awesome:

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TheNukedNacho says:

How do you have so many dirty bathrooms?

AnTeaVirus says:

turbo scrubs 360°

Thinks of Turtles says:

Even if hurriclean cleaned well it wouldn’t be worth it at all, cleaning the toilet is pretty easy, and only takes a few minutes rather than the six hours

Brian says:

The scrub daddy worked very well in the shower I’m dead

Otakumichibi says:

My family does use LA Awesome, and it works really well! Especially, for the price.

Evara says:

Yooooo why is there so much water in the toilet bowl

Kawaii Marioo says:

Whelps want to me at hello

Hey Guys, This Is My New Name says:

Homemade condoms pls. They’re expensive and i have a lot of sex with various partners.

That said, ladies you can find me on tinder and pof.

Dayshawn Mims says:

Let’s see is it smiling because it took your money lmao

Animal productions says:

I remember using awesome to remove years of oil and road grime from under the hood of my truck. Didn’t dilute it. It removed all the oil and all the paint. It isnt joking around.

Carl 'The Bomb' Johnson says:

“Scrub daddy’s ready for deeper cleaning”

That’s what scrub mommy said!!

Lunar Lauryn says:

Why am i watching this at 1 am… I have work in a few hours.

foxy the homestuck says:

Yes, that would be me. I have avoided cleaning for a long period of time.

Cheese gamer says:


Gideon Rainey says:

wait… im gay so do i get 2 scrub daddys?

AndromedaGD says:

why tf am i watching this?

AJ Nadow says:

Not many people know what spray 9 is but its a great cleaner

Layla x Studios says:

Scrub daddy sounds dirty… who agrees with me?

doge heads says:

ok, i know the is an off topic fact, but i noticed the crusty crab (from spongebob square pants) its a crab trap 😐

Doompenguin 06 says:

Lol I’m up at 5 am right now

Tomáš Paur says:

I dont really know why I am watching this

Yussif N says:

This video was just an excuse to clean his bathroom

Eli Perez says:

Damn, someone loves their fuckin vinegar

JarAxe says:

Seriously. I don’t think cleaning toilets is that much worse than cleaning the bathroom or kitchen in general. Am I the only one?

Kid Charmander says:


J.T. O'Gara says:

WTF have that bolt and nut stick out like that??? When you apply pressure you will scratch everything

Household Hacker says:

This is our 3rd video in this series, if you enjoyed it you can check out the other two at the links below.
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As Seen On TV Products Tested and Recreated at Home
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