Beaphar Deep Clean Reptile Disinfectant vs Household Bleach

Looking at Beaphar Deep Clean Disinfectant vs Household bleach, when it comes to cleaning out your pet reptiles and amphibians. First I talk you through how to use the disinfectant, then I review it. I highlight the reasons why using disinfectant with your pet is so important and then I go on to compare the disinfectant and bleach. Hope this helps!

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nipper19872 says:

thank you for you vids i have found them very informative and intresting i am getting my first ever leopard in october i have to save up for everything and your vids are educating me so much thank you

Mud Kibbles says:

Hi! Im a new youtuber, do you want to be youtube buddies? I haven/t made any vids because I don’t know how…

Kayleigh Mccausland says:

do i have to cut the heads off mealworms before feeding it to my gecko .

CreatureFeature1313 says:

Great video!!! What ive used for 13 years now is Milton(the spray only), typically used for baby bottles but very safe once wiped clean with paper towels. I used it to spray out my water bowls then dry them off with paper towel and let them air for about 10min. I do the same for cleaning out my wooden vivs. Check the Milton spray out if you can, you can get it in Tesco 🙂 cheap too!

Amphibian 133 says:

Leopard gecko soon and I can’t wait are they fun to have?!?! says:

Hi Rebecca, I am putting together a webpage about enigma syndrome and would like to embed your video about enigma syndrome on the page.  Would it be ok to allow embedding?  
Mic (Fun With Life)

Owen Burr says:

Do u disinfect your tanks every six
Months more or less?

Insert Generic Name Here says:

Do I need disinfect if I only have one gecko

CallumCat says:

Very professional and informative video! 🙂

t -bone says:

I dm you please answer on Instagram it’s about my lizard your my fav YouTuber

Mbmx 1 says:

She said leopard gecko in a crested gecko tank

abby -k says:

When do you do your cleaning? 1 week?

Julia LePoer says:

I’m getting a Leo soon. My room gets hot in the summer so I use a fan or AC. Should I use a heat mat during summer? What about if the fan is on? Also do I need 2 hides and a humid one or should I just get two and make one humid?

utub says:

Is dilluted vinegar ok?

Amber Doodles says:


Lindz Da FinS says:

Could you do a review on their rodent deep cleaner? Do you think it would be good too?

Nathan Carpentier says:

Cool intro! Also love your videos! 😀

Zachary Smith-Clark says:

I’m going to be putting my leo on vinyl tiles, what should i do to deep clean those?  Should i soak them in a diluted bleach then boil them?

Emily Rigby says:

It may sound like a silly question but can you use small animal disinfectant for leopard geckos?

Jesus Garcia says:

how do you know how old is your gecko becuase i have a baby leo gecko but they did’t know how old he is and that can affect how much i feed him!

CrazyAlbinoBoy says:

How much mealworms should I give my baby Leo a day


Hi my leopard gecko laid an egg ( I have no put her to mate ) and its look normal its not like squish but I looked with a light and its yellow inside. N

Chase Chamberlain says:

what do you think about using simple green?

Khanh Dao says:

Just use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Both can even be used together on fresh fruits and vegetables for humans with no RINSING required!

t -bone says:

And you saved my lizard

Amphibian 133 says:

Ok I should not ask for subs sorry I am going to get a baby

GhostCrisp86 says:

Would a steamer cleaner work?

AllThingsUs says:

Where do you put your leopard gecko when you clean

Omar Alexander Vazquez Herver says:

Hi, I really like your videos about leopard geckos, they help me so much with my new leopard gecko, but can you make a video on how to disinfect rocks and wood from the wild. thanks!

SS-Unterscharführer Johann says:

Sorry for the second irrelevant question( I asked you about sand on the guniea pig video)  I got 3 female leopard geckos in a 30 gallon long tank with a cool hide, moist hide and hot hide. I use heating mats and a heating lamp on the cool side and use repti carpet. Anyways my question is One of my geckos keeps licking one of the other geckos (Is this normal?) thanks!

Midnight says:

I find all of your videos very helpful! I love every single one of them and I know so much now ^.^ I was planning on getting a gecko of my very own. And though I am very confident with your videos I will also ask a really close friend of mine (whom own a gecko) and still do a LOT more research. Just to be safe! Thank you for all of your effort!

Shadmations _900 says:

Ah you are my favorite youtuber

Amphibian 133 says:

Hi I’m new to YouTube plz sub me

GhostCrisp86 says:

How often should i clean my gecko tank and when to do a deep cleaing?

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