Best Cloth Seat Cleaning Tricks

This is a 15min video that discusses common methods for cleaning interior cloth. Every method has its merits based on your cars condition, tools you have, budget, and comfort level. I hope this video will spark constructive conversations about all the techniques (good or not as good) used to clean our cloth interiors. Thx for watching! -L
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Luis Espinal says:

For the steamer do you actually clean the carpets with itor the whole cars carpet for that matter? if so do you also apply something to it to help clean it completely and lastly do you apply something for like smell and stuff? Thank you in advance.

Robert Heintz says:

What is that little box beside the emergency brake, with the flashing LED?

MultiTerpen says:

Where can I get them scrub pads?

helloharper says:

Good god this guy talks waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much!

nailbomb3 says:

Larry can I use the scotchbrite dobie pads as scrubbers ? I already have a bunch of them. Great video!

Ricardo Sifuentes says:

Sir, please reply, did you use pure fabric and carpet cleaner or did you reduce it with water?

Ly Nguyen says:

Can I use the vacuum from the gas station for 1.50$ for 5 minutes?

stizz1982 says:

Steamer seems to work great I think I will go to the dollar store and buy cans of carpet cleaner spray it on the seats let it sit and use steamer on it

Jered D says:

91% Rubbing Alcohol does wonders! Also on old Vinyl.

Gay Howe says:

While your info is good, there is just way too much talk.Better to list the tools and products and then just do it.

Gucci Mane DCSQUAAD#1fan says:

Anybody think about the fact that was his wife booty juice on the seat

Paul Garcia says:

Hi! Great video. Thank you. To bad they don’t sell your stuff on the local (San Antonio Tx) shelves…I need it today.

Angel Agrinsoni says:

Rock climbing? Fuck that shit. I’m scared of heights. 🙂

Smokey Martin says:

who cares about rock climbing

waseem hassan says:

Thank you bro

sambking says:

Woolite works best….5 waters to 1 woolite…or, 5:1.

kooshal0000 says:

What’s your opinion on using foam all purpose cleaners on fabric? I recently detailed the interior of my car which was really filthy as a result of poor maintenance. (Took me about 20 hours). I used the foam cleaner on nearly everything including carpets and plastics and I am very satisfied with the results. F.Y.I- I used Abro’s “clean all” foam cleaner. From what I understand, foam cleaners do not moisturise the fabric excessively. And finally I protected the areas exposed to UV rays.

Kevin Eaton says:

wow the steamer by far worked the best and the quickest. I use fels naphtha soap to clean my cars interior…that stuff will remove anything…and it’s .98 a bar

Sky Motic says:

Lol that’s not a 2009, that is a 2006 outback

Johnson King says:

can i use cloth to brush it??

Hash Slinger says:

Sorry I skipped through a lot and got lazy, but was the machine at the beginning a wet dry vac?

Carlo Altamirano says:

Thanks for all the detailed videos , I apparently have suede seats in my HHR SS any tips for cleaning those or a video ? Thanks

Ali Haidar says:

I’ve been looking for this video since a Pepsi can exploded in my car due to heat and stained the passenger seat and everything lol.

Tanisha Bates says:

You talk to damn much

EricLehner says:

An additional “trick of the trade” cleaning agent is 1000+ Stain Remover Versatile and color safe.

usernamemykel says:

New subscriber here. I like everything (video/audio/scripting/dialogue) I’ve seen in your videos, so many thanks for some professional productions with great information.

QUESTION: Any reason NOT to use “Resolve” carpet cleaner and my Ford Ranger’s cloth seats, using the po’ boy’s by-hand technique??

Thanks again!

diver dave says:

go to the DOLLAR store and spend $1 dollar on a bottle of L A AWESOME – holy shit , it works GREAT….
there are a few you tube videos showing how good it is

Johny Appleseed says:

what did u use for the carpet agitator? i dont see in your description like u use to do:/

K Bennett says:

Why not use seat covers ?

abbyboyone says:

do u recommend any stain remover in particular? or home made formula? oxyclean?

Amelia Black says:

i had a wet swimsuit on & drove home. is there a good way to clean the cloth seat from the water spot?

Jorge Flores says:

new suscriber. thanks for the tips and keep the good work.

mdalekid0303 says:

Here’s 37 easy steps to clean your cloth interior!

Alan Hale says:

in the last step wouldn’t it be more advantageous after using the fabric cleaner and brushing to dislodging the dirt ,use the upholstery wet vacuum to suck the dirt out and off the fabric instead of patting it back into it ? just a thought ,,,,

jose nunez says:

Can you use a open to steam

Lukestersim :3 says:

Good job larry

Jacqueline Robinson says:

why didn’t you lean the back of the seat down to make it easier to clean the seat?

burecas10 says:

you talk to much

XtremeChiliPepper says:

You’ve got a new sub!  That has got to be one of the best, most detailed, most informative videos I’ve ever seen!  Very clear voice, good honest directions, explanations, man, thank you!

Glenfin says:

Once you use the clothes detergent with water and clean it up with a cloth should you use a fresh water clean up after that? I’m concerned that having any trace of the detergent in the fabric will attract more dirt. Thanks for all your videos. They are very helpful.

MrDanayr16 says:

Climbing the gunks ?

michael forcum says:

Guy spends 40k on restoring his Porsche and his wife drive a beater……my man.

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