Clean Green:Naturally Disinfect Using Non-Toxic Chemicals

Learn how to disinfect your kitchen sink using a potent combination of hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar. These everyday household items have been proven to kill more bacteria than bleach without exposing you to toxic chemicals! Cheap, effective and simple. Watch it’s oxidizing power in action!

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Sam Holman says:

dont u wear rubber gloves ???

Michael Petersen says:

you just mixed them


never feed a dog raw meat. it can also give them salmonella. great video!

HealthNutNation says:

You certainly can but I haven’t found the mixture to rip up my hands like conventional cleaners. It’s always a good idea though.

Marisa Raskin says:

What’s the best way to disinfect kitchen surfaces as well? I’m not sure what’s safe in the kitchen where food might be touching lol

think positive says:

May I know what kind of hydrogen peroxide is that? Is that the one we buy in pharmacy that we use to clean wounds? Did you use pure white vinegar? Is the vinegar the one processed that can be found in any store or is it raw apple cider vinegar? Thank you

Megan Bollen says:

can you wash dishes with this?

Peachy Clean says:

I own a residential cleaning business and I use hydrogen peroxide every day – love it! I recently created my own video about HP and this video was very helpful to me. Thank You!

Khadeeja Alam says:

how long do you leave it before rinsing with water

Perfect2257 says:

what kind of Vinegar do I use? for instance white distilled or any?

think positive says:

Btw, how did you clean first your sink? Can we clean by rubbing the sink with baking soda, rinse then hydrogen peroxide and vinegar?

MsGewb says:

Hi did you rinse the sink after spraying with peroxide? If not, you are mixing the two?

Lee Sires says:

I think you mixed them????

G&K Ol' School says:

Hi-I want to use hyd. perox. to disinfect wrestling mats. Must it be used full strength or can you dilute the hydrogen peroxide a bit so it goes further? Not a good idea? I have 200 sq ft that must be cleaned AND disinfected at least once a day. Thanks.

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