Karen Eicher says:

My daughter loves her products.I bought her a bunch for Christmas.They even had toilet bowl cleaner that smells so good.I love the honeysuckle spray

murphyc says:

The price doesn’t look too bad on the Meyers products if they last awhile. I’ve never bought the “natural” type cleaners. I don’t have a dishwasher, had one when I was married and never liked the thing. My sister thinks I’m nuts. I do dishes with Dawn or a generic of Dawn because it cleans so well and you don’t need much, but it sure tears up your hands, so I use gloves now. I clean the bathroom with a bit of dish soap in the toilet, sink and tub, some powdered cleanser if I need it, and for mirrors and windows, it’s vinegar and ammonia mixed in a spray bottle. I buy whatever’s on sale for the laundry. I hear you, I’d rather mow the lawn and work outdoors than clean house any day unless it’s terrible hot, but now I’m in apartment and I don’t miss the yard work at all. The niece and her kids are living in that house and do it now.

Carol Allen says:

Awh we don’t have them in Northern Ireland.
I love the packaging. It looks very antique.
Blessings to you ❤️

living with cambriea says:

I love how real you are. Thanks you so much for being you!!!!

Amanda Mota says:

It is also more safe for you and your kids!

Jeanie Bussler says:

Go through Grove I got a whole box full free love them

Heather B says:

I love Mrs. Meyers products too and also Dr. Bronner is another one you might check out, I use a lot of the Bronner products, have been for years.

Amanda Mota says:

You should definitely try the peppermint it is to die for! But the honeysuckle ka my next favorite

Erica Johnson says:

Hello, I heard alot of good things about the products. I need to check it out and find the best prices. Enjoyed the video. Many Blessings.

Karen Newberry says:

Never heard of them

Rhonda Owen says:

I would mow grass instead of doing dishes , if I could. Lol my chore for today is loading the dishwasher.

Joan Miller says:

Glad you liked them. I love Mrs Meyers too!

Amanda Mota says:

I love Mrs. Meyers. I use it in all my cleaning videos. Grove Collaborative has better pricing on these in my opinion.

Nikki Tajkowski says:

I love Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. Try getting them through Grove Collaborative. Usually with your first order, you will get several free products.

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