Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol! Helpful Tips for How to Clean Your Home (Clean My Space)

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You can clean with rubbing alcohol, and here are 10 of my favourite ways to use it!



We often talk about cleaning with rubbing alcohol, because it is a terrific disinfectant. But, there are so many other uses for it that we wanted to share more great ways to use rubbing alcohol!

We’ve got a terrific blog post up about it, and also include information on how to find rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit if you are having a tough time locating some in your country.

10 Ways to Clean with Rubbing Alcohol!


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Rubbing Alcohol

Scrub Brush

Spray Bottle

Let us know your questions, tips and tricks in the comments!


Grand Star says:

do you add on cloth full strenth for wiping down stainless steel?

Bessie Williams says:

How to clean a oven without self cleaning equipment on it with diy.

Juli Jones says:

I love knowing that rubbing alcohol will clean my stainless steel fridge and dishwasher. I can’t keep those things clean.

Norma T says:

Love all your show, I clean so much and moved things around I get down in my back. I am 74. but you have made cleaning so much fun and everything look so nice. Thank you.

AnaMaria Marrero says:

When you are talking 1 part or 2 part what are you talking about? Spoons or cups will help me to be able to use the correct amount.

Ntina Spanou says:

Rubbing alcohol in Greece costs A FORTUNE!

ain anai says:

is very good

Joan Burr Salzman says:

I use alcohol on the keyboard for my desk top computer and it removed some of the lettering. Why I don’t know. it didn’t on my laptop.

EC Video's says:

Why the alcohol need to be 70% instead of 100%, is there any mechanism or theory behind it?

ain anai says:


0prahTV says:

I wish I was a woman, then my house would be clean.

Arlie Hopes y says:

anyone use it to clean hard to clean rims on a car?

Prudence Wray says:

Rubbing alcohol is not a medical grade disinfectant, and it MUST be 70% or higher to actually disinfect. **Which means it shouldn’t be diluted with water.** I use 91% myself.
But I do recommend adding 10 drops of essential oil per 1 cup of the stuff. Makes a very amazing home disinfectant. I go through the stuff often because I can’t stand a germy table or counter. It also kills the disgusting stuff left behind on a cutting board or counter after raw meat is on it (!!!)
It’s also good if your cat leaves a solid mess on the couch and you want to make sure the smell is gone after cleaning it.

maria atwood says:

I would not add water. Be careful not to come in contact with wood or paint.

Kiwi Kim says:

I’ve read that can be the main ingredient in cleaning granite countertops, which should not be cleaned with vinegar or lemen.

Vickie Curran says:

Rubbing alcohol also removes permanent marker from hard surfaces!

Marguerite Dawson says:

I just purchased your book yesterday.  Love it and your channel.  Congrats on the baby.    I ordered a set of 10 essential oils by NOW to use in my DIY cleaners.  I ran across a bottle of isopropyl alcohol with wintergreen and lanolin added.  Would this be a good substitute for regular alcohol in a cleaner as it already has a essential oil added?

Debra Jarnagin says:

I love your cleaning information but, the wayvyour voice goes up and down is bothering me.

1summerflower says:

You shud b on tv! ✨

Ali P. says:

Isopropy alcohol IS NOT Ethanol

Roxy Hart says:

How did she pronounce “efficiently”? Canadians speak so strangely.

sweetflowers2010 says:

is there a way to clean granite? I don’t like commercial products, please advise. thanks

marta r. says:

This confuses me..I’ve just watched another of your videos where you say that in order to disinfect properly the item has to STAY wet with disinfectant for 5 to 10 minutes..but here you wipe it off immediately? So it’s not disinfecting? Please help I don’t understand.

Alexandra Petretta says:

I know this works really god for cleaning, but be really careful its poison…

Diane Schenkelberg says:

I know this is an old video, but I just found out another use for Rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol.  It removes tree sap!  Our patio furniture had a few drops of sap on them.  Use the alcohol full strength by applying it on a cotton ball.  Then lightly rub in circular motion and the sap came right off.  You might want to test this in an inconspicuous area first.

flob adob says:

Would this work on suede sofas too?

Martha Lugo says:

I’ve used alcohol to wipe my stove and microwave. It takes the grease right off and its so clean, looks like new.

Hija del Rey de Israel says:

Thank you so much for sharing <3. I want to share something with you too <3: sadly, we've all sinned (transgression of the 10 Commandments) and are therefore fallen short of the glory of God. If God got rid of all evil, He'd have to get rid of us too

B Nelosconia says:

the white board you can go over again with dry erase and cleans I always write with thin permanent marker and if need to be erased take the dry erase marker go over it and its gone

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