CLEAR CARE® Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution

Dr. Gina Wesley stops by with eye opening information on how to care for contact lenses. Most eye irritation experienced by contact lens wearers is not caused by the lenses, but by improper cleaning. After dispelling some common misconceptions, Dr. Wesley shows us a preferred method of keeping our contacts clean and disinfected. Be sure to tune in to “The Balancing Act,” to see how you can make your contacts feel like new.

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Ivey G says:

+Blessing Pikwa Yes you can. Six hours minimum. Thank you for watching my blooper reel please watch actual Review.

Andrea Gonzalez says:

Does it make a weird noise when it’s cleaning?

Anthony Diaz says:

Makes vision a bit hazy and I see halos around light sources. I used as directed

SWPxPhillyx215 says:

I improperly put it in before 6 hours cause I thought it was like regular solution it had me looking like Cyclops from the xmen cause it doesn’t say warning on the front of the box

K3LL ! says:

so can you use this on 30 day lens?

Angel Zavala says:

How often do u do this? I was just RX some & don’t really know how to care fore them.

mortie806 says:

this product works great. It dosnt bother my eyes like some of the other products

XeroReviews says:

would this work to clean scuffs and blurry-ness?? cuz my left eye with any kind of lights they always look really blown out and more exposed to the point where it’s iritating and I cant quite see as well as my right eye so I would have to keep putting eye drops in, so would this help with the situations I am facing with my contact lense??

kaliah dortch says:

its easy to use i do it every day

Kendall Johnson says:

Borrowed this from a friend and didn’t know the 6 hour thing. Used it just to rinse my contact and put it back in and felt like my eye was being burned away. SO painful. 23 hours later my eye is still blood shot.

Blessing Pikwa says:

Can I leave them in for more than 6hrs?

Victor Hugo L.H. says:

Just what I was looking for, very informative but yet simple!

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