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Antibacterials are the soaps that get rid of bacteria, but not fungi or viruses such as MRSA, and some others. These are OK for cleaning up mild spills.

Disinfectants, the Lowest cost and highly effective “Pet Safe” Disinfectant for birds, also Reptiles, dogs and cats, but NOT FISH. This kills pretty much everything, the key here is ensuring it is in the liquid state for at least 5 minutes (think of it as UVC “dwell time” for aquarium sterilization). It is a mix that is about $1.50/oz online when purchasing a 24oz bottle, but here’s the magic ingredients, all of which can be purchased at Walgreen’s. Chorhexidine will kill most everything, is skin safe, bird safe if they don’t mind the smell of alcohol, and low odor. The alcohol dwell time will kill everything, including MRSA, when combined with Chlorhexidine.

Makes a GREAT Solvent for cleaning floor, or for hand sanitizing, even a spot remover or doing dishes! Just rinse well before use, but after it has dried.
For a 16 oz spray bottle:
1 oz Chlorhexidine
8 Oz 70% Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol, 140 proof)
7 Fluid Oz Distilled Water — Important that it is distilled, ANY hardness (GH or KH) will make the Chlorhexidine ineffective after about 2 weeks. Lasts long time distilled water.

Some people use less Ethyl Alcohol and more distilled water, adjust as desired. It’s basically the two major ingredients in the “Hand Sanitizer” pumps, they either have 99% Ethyl Alcohol, or 2% Chlorhexidine in a gel suspension. Isopropyl Alcohol is NOT a substitute!. Isopropyl doesn’t kill nearly the number and type of nasties that Ethyl does, and they are the same price at Walgreen’s, about $1/pint, so be sure to get Ethyl Alcohol (brown sticker instead of blue if going to Walgreens). Isopropyl Alcohol IS good for cleaning and removing oils from surfaces, used undiluted or in a swab.

Sterilizing The Pinnacle for “Pet Safe” and “Disinfect/Sanitize/etc” is a Veterinary Product called F10SC. It’s F10 disinfectant, but in a small bottle and Super Concentrated. Dilution is 1:500 for surfaces. This works entirely differently than the mix above. It doesn’t kill on contact while wet. It leaves behind a coating of very powerful anti-everything combination chemicals which attack the extremely broad spectrum from Psudomanas to MRSA, for days. Some people clean their house with it. It has a delightful extremely mild “fresh” smell to it. This is the exact same stuff used at the pet store my son works at to spray in the cages once clean and before animals go in (Ensure it dries first). Some places even add a touch of the 1:500 solution to water bowls to prevent bacteria from forming if they don’t change the water daily. I would suggest F10 in a small 1/2 gallon hand held pressurized “pump up” sprayer, and the Chlorhexidine in a spray bottle.

Be Warned: THESE KILL FISH QUICKLY if they get in the water. If you find F10, you’ll be peeling off all sorts of warning stickers and tapes before you can even get to where you can open the lid.

Pesticides Here is the Big One. Something Pet Safe, but keeps the creepy crawlies out of your house. The answer is simple: Bayer Tempo SC (also a very expensive small bottle that mixes at huge ratios). Once dried, it is safe for all pets, EXCEPT FISH! It will pretty much kill anything with more than 4 legs or less than 2, including worms, and stuff in rivers. So don’t use it where the runoff may get to a waterway. I’ve used this for years, call it “Liquid Smite”, since once insects walk over it, they die after about another 6 inches of walking forward…. I run a border around my house with a large pressure sprayer after every time it rains. I was extremely happy to find it is pet safe, including birds, which are the most sensitive to chemiclas/odors/useful chemicals.

So, you have a few hours of research compiled into one post. I hope it helps, and please reply below if you know of other things that make cleaning up after pets easier. I can tell you that to remove bird poo after an accident, the best thing for cleanp is simple straight up water, 100%. Dab off majority, then use water to scrub away any of the white stuff that still stuck. Once clean, I usually hit it with the Ethanol/Chlorhexidine mix to ensure it’s safe, even though bird doo is supposed to be harmless to humans.

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Disinfectants, Cleaners, Sterilizers Fish, Reptiles, & Bird


Ariellah Shoresh says:

Try Chlorhexidine Solution 2%. 2 TBS in 1 gal water. I use this for sterilizing my Bearded Dragon’s Vivarium. Hospitals use this for sterilizing surgery rooms. Most inexpensive place to buy is Amazon. Lots of reptile breeders/hobbyists use this or the 4% which costs three times as much. Studies show the 2% kills pathogens, bacteria’s, and viruses and so does the 4%, but once its dead its dead the 4% doesn’t kill more just the same as.

I bought a used vivarium a little while ago and found out a bearded dragon died in it.
LOL, I sterilized it three times before I felt confident enough to put my dragons in it. Over kill but better safe than sorry.

Great video of something new hobbyist/pet owners need to know. kudos

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