Disinfectants vs. Cleaners – Are You Really Disinfecting When You Clean? (Clean My Space)

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In this video, cleaning expert Melissa Maker, explains the key difference and teaches you how to PROPERLY disinfect using a store bought disinfectant.

There is a very detailed post on our blog pertaining to this topic, check it out (link above)! It has lots of links to disinfectant product websites and shows you the way they are actually supposed to be used, rich there on the website!

Thanks for watching!

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NazBanoo says:

what product ?

Tamara Lea says:

Another thing most people dont realise is the fact that most commercial disinfectants are only 99.9% effective on 1-2 types of bacteria (usually E coli and Salmonella spp). Its cheaper, MUCH quicker and more effective (on all types of bacteria) to use a 70% Ethanol solution to disinfect than to use commercial disinfectants

Kato x says:

I’ll be honest. I just subed because of why wny guy would sub based on this vid

Lilmama Taurus says:

Please help how do I disinfect my carpet besides a machine need a diy spray method please my carpet is new and clean but just moved in new apartment n I want to disinfect that’s all please help anyone?

dewrosejl says:

I know vinegar is a good disinfectant for some germs but I purchased a steam cleaner and it works very well. Especially around sinks where e coli germs hang out.

amie a says:

How important would disinfecting be? It is said that we use too many antibiotics and keep things so clean that people can’t fight off illness. I suppose they call them Super Bugs. This is just my opinion and certainly not something I can prove.

Mathilde B. says:

How often do you need to clean and desinfect? I’ve grown up in a house where we didn’t clean our house that well, maybe every month or so, but only the most used rooms.. I’ve almost never been sick! My husband on the other hand, have a mom that cleans EVERYTHING with soap and desinfectant every day almost, and he has exceema, allergies and get sick all the time. After moving in together, we clean our house once a week give or take, but now we have a son (18 months who has nesver been sick), but don’t know how often it is best to clean to keep the house in great shape.. 🙂 Can you please make a video of your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning (and desinfecting) routine?

Jaime Bellon says:

New subbie here! Binge watching old vids. Thank you for this vid. I’m a chemist by training and this info is so very important!! Disinfecting for at least 10 min wet whether it be vinegar or bleach or hydrogen peroxide is a good rule of thumb.

latyfa1989 says:

hey Melissa, in my country you cant buy any kind of alcohol and all avaliable desinfectants include chlorum, which i think is pretty toxic. what can i use for desinfecting in this situation?

FionaWest says:

@cleanmyspace I agree with everything you said, but when I let the disinfectant sit for 5 or 10 min. it always dries before the time is up. How can I keep it wet? Does it HAVE to stay wet? Thanks!

mom2triplets04 says:

Just found your channel. And started to make the cleaners but I have a question. What do you use to clean your kitchen table? Do you use the multipurpose cleaner first and then the disinfectant?

funtimeyay says:

dear Malisa, you are awesome and i am so happy to find your videos, today i have a question that i am lil embarrassed to ask but i am gonna ask. i am really new to vaccum cleaner. i got inspired with the ADVERTISEMENT and bought SHOP VAC WET AND DRY. now i do not know how to use it, where to use it. in ads its just told how it picks up stuff. but i need ACTUAL USE VIDEO IN THE HOUSE. LIKE HOW IT CAN help me clean my KITCHEN, BATHROOM, ROOMS, etc, can you do a detailed video n give me tips?

asmrvilla says:

Thank you!

Nawal.A says:

Can i use a Disinfectant on my toothbrush or will that be toxic ?

Odyc Mboden says:

You mentioned youre a subject matter expert. Just curious what qualifications you have? Thank you.

Nawal.A says:

Ok thank you for your help 🙂

HiiiPoWeR918 says:

Does disinfectants leave residue? Because when I use it on my controllers and it gets mixed with sweat or any liquid it’ll start making foggy marks or some kind of buildup

Kelly Williamson says:

Great 411.

Perfect Stranger says:

She does not have germaphobia
Does not have OCD
Does not have the cleanest home in the world
However she does have my dick becoming harder than ever.

Dahiana says:

does vinegar clean or disinfect? what does baking soda do? in your shower cleaning video you used a formula of vinegar, dish .liquid, and water i think, does it do both disinfect and clean?

Clean My Space says:

Vinegar cleans, and is a mild disinfectant. I wouldn’t use it in a hospital or to clean up chicken juices, but for general cleaning it is OK.

SafePet Haven says:

I’d heard it was a min. of 20 minutes of surface contact for bacterial disinfectants to be effective. Instead of isopropyl alcohol [too fumey for me & gives me a headache just to be near an open bottle], I prefer to use 3% hydrogen peroxide, or dil. Zephiran [benzalkonium chloride] – used in skin prep cleansers, the kind that med ofcs use prior to urine collection etc. I use superheated/pressurized steam to disinfect baths, ceramic tile floors, etc as it dries instantly [no humidity = no mold].

Pam Kennedy says:

Germs live in soil.  By cleaning first, you are removing the soil so that germs cannot live there anymore.  When you use a cleaner / disinfectant, it is NOT cleaning but killing germs.  The soil remains and the bad germs take over and create super germs.  Also, disinfectant should not be used where food is. 

Sbeth85 says:

What do you mean by letting the disinfectant sit, WET?
Do you mean spray it over a wet surface, or once you spray it on leave it sitting there in its wet state? After do you wipe it off or just let it dry on its own? If I’m disinfecting a toilet- can I use Lysol spray? thnx!

Karrots1204 says:

Great video ! I’ve been enjoying your videos. Lots of good info & learning more .

David Johnson says:

Not all comments are necessarily constructive, or subject related. However, some are still very necessary. Like saying, “I would like to watch Melissa Maker clean my house for hours and hours” is a very therapeutic way for the writer to express his or her true opinion. The then becomes, is the subject about the Swiffer vac or is it really about the hot girl in the demo? remember sex sells. Just don’t be honest about it in your post.

Molly Monk says:

i really like this kind of informational video!

Debi Gauthier says:

Love your videos. I wish you would show me which products to use, and demonstrate both one step and two step cleaning and disinfecting. I get what you’re saying, but not totally.

Clean My Space says:

If you rinse it well it will be OK, but I’d stick to rubbing alcohol or vodka only for that.

Paula DuPuis says:

this is awesome info………….I learn so much from you.  AND, im learning to clean more effectively.  Thanks for the videos.

Joan Burr Salzman says:

Why I won’t use a maid service: I worked for a maid service via an employment service to fill in. The gal who was managing it for the owner, was stupid and should not have been working for her. She had us clean bathrooms first and all the sponges and clothes where contaminated before use in the kitchen [yuk!]. I told her my thoughts on this way of cleaning and she was either ignorant or lying, because she stated that the cleaner was a disinfectant, I read the instructions and it was not.

afternoonteaparty says:

Can you do a (short) video on cleaning your toothbrush? 🙂

mhylene lascano says:

hi melissa, i really love every cute, funny and helpful tricks about cleaning… i just want to ask how can i disinfect my carpet specially when i dont have time to bring that in the laundry shop bcoz it is a big carpet im talking abou, please melissa help us….. 🙂 appreciate your response… 🙂

MsQdoll says:

Spray and walk away 🙂

evie says:

What is a disinfectant

Justin says:

You misspelled, “mutually” in the video. I still love you & Chad…in a totally platonic, but we’d be great friends instantly if we met in person, but not trying to be creepy way… 🙂

Tony McIntosh says:

Absolutely gorgeous

Clean My Space says:

Concrobium is the product you’d be looking for 🙂

Available at Home Depot & Amazon

Veronica Rangel says:

Youre cool

Tiffany Richardson says:

Help! In one of your videos you mentioned a product that you use to kill mold. Can you tell me the name of it? I can’t remember what video it was (Iv’e been looking all night) 🙂 Thanks, and I love your cleaning videos!

Greek HomeMade says:

thank you so much!!! I’ve discovered your videos a few hour ago and I can’t stop watching them!!!

Michelle Litttlewood says:

The reason why I looked at this ,was because I thought you was going to show us all a natural disinfectant cleaner, or have I missed something !! Just want to say that I do like your videos, keep up the good work!!!

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